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5 Yoga Positions For Weight Reduction

Updated on August 21, 2012

Yoga and appropriate diet can help you in reducing weight. Yoga involves practicing certain bodily postures which is helpful in reducing fat accumulation in the various body parts, and it also helps in burning excess calories. One should however be cautious to follow the rules of yoga while practicing the postures and take advice from local physician before starting it to prevent any medical complications. The five yoga postures which can help in weight reduction are:

Paschimothan Asana

It is a pose in which you sit on the floor and stretch the legs in front. In every yoga posture, you should be careful to keep your back from the skull to the heel straight. Hold the hands straight in front of you just parallel to the stretched legs. Inhale and then you can try to hold the toes of the legs with your hands .Exhale and touch the nose to your knees. If you are unable to touch the nose to the knee, you can put the head down in-between the legs as you exhale. This is a difficult posture for some and you need to practice it many times to get proficiency in it. The exercise helps in strengthening the muscles of the legs, arms, and stomach, and it also reduces fat accumulation in these body parts.

Kundalini Yoga Stretch

It is the posture in which the muscles of stomach are strengthened .First you lie down on a flat surface. Hold the hands together on your back and hold the legs up in angular position for some minutes while you rest with your back on a flat surface. You have to raise your neck along with the legs. You have to breathe in and out as you move up and down.

Bhujanga Asana

The posture resembles a cobra. In Bhujanga Asana, you lie on the stomach. Keep both the hands on floor and raise the head up to put the whole weight on the hands. You have to exhale and inhale as you move yourself up and down.

Chakra Padasana

It is an exercise in which you rotate the legs in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. For doing the exercise you first lie down on your back and hold the hands on the back. Raise one of the legs and move it in clockwise direction. Later move it in opposite direction. Then raise the second leg and move similarly. You have to make rotations using your legs and the process helps in strengthening the naval and abdominal muscles. Initially you have to breathe normally but as you do it fast, you have to breathe fast which is called breath of fire. In case you are doing it for the first time, take rest in between the stretches and you can even bend the knees and do a few rotations.

Hatha Yoga Pose

To do Hatha Yoga, you will have to lie down on your stomach and keep the arms straightened. Then raise the legs in forty five degree angle from the hip without bending the knees. It is a position which is also called locust pose, and it is very easy to do. You should hold the leg in air for ten to fifteen second before putting it down on the floor.


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