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5 Annoying Things That Disabled People Hate

Updated on April 3, 2018

In this article I will write about things that disabled people hate. In the future you would want to be aware of this when dealing with disabled people so you don't annoy them.

  1. Blind people hate getting pulled. Imagine you are going to cross the street but a blind women ask for your help to cross the street. You simply tell her when you are getting to cross and they will follow you. Please don't just pull them, I know you want to help but please do it in a way that won't annoy them.
  2. Deaf people don't like to be yelled at or talked to know slow motion. They are natural lip readers so you yelling at them or talking slowly won't do any good because your muscles articulate differently and it's hard to know what you are trying to say. Plus yelling at them is pretty dumb, they're deaf remember?
  3. This one goes with most disabled people. Please don't say "but you're so pretty " Why the 'but'? You make it sound like if you're disabled you are not supposed to be pretty. That greatly offend them so please refrain from saying they're pretty in that way.
  4. Don't say "Sorry". They are blind but it's not life threatening. Nobody wants to be pitied and it's not like they have a bad life. Things are pretty normal for them too, it's not like they spend all day and night crying about their disability.
  5. Don't ignore blind people. Imagine you are meeting a blind girl. She's with someone else too. If you want to talk to the blind girl just do so. Don't talk about them to the other person because their voice still work. It's like someone talking about you right next to you thinking you can't hear them. They are blind not deaf or mute.


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