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5 bad habits that will make your waist bigger

Updated on November 28, 2014

5 bad habits that will make your waist bigger

Here's are 5 bad habits that make your waist bigger. These are some recommendations from Indian nutritionist expert Times of India.

1) Skipping meals: dietitian Jivesh Shetty said, we tend to eat more every time you skip meals. Therefore, the split meals every 2-3 hours will help us not feel hungry and will not eat more.

2) Alcohol: According to nutrition expert Namita Nanal, alcohol high in calories and very often you will feel hungrier after a `night out drinking.

3) Using diet products: Such as sugar sweeteners, yogurt, low fat snacks or drinks for dieters does not help us maintain a healthy weight. These artificial sweeteners makes the body store more fat.

4) Do not eat too much bread: Bread made ​​with whole grains will increase the amount of sugar in your body and the body will store the excess fat around your waist.

5) Do not eat foods in high fat level: But not all fats are bad. The fats from avocado fruit, salads, olive oil, sunflower oil, peanut are essential to your body. Staying away from them will not be beneficial to your bodies.

Distribution of abdominal fat predicts the risk of cancer.

The researchers are also interested in the relationship between the distribution of fat on heart disease risk if independent of body mass index (BMI) or not. This index can evaluate the weight of your body between balance to high, as well as the risk of heart disease such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Mr. Dexter Canoy, research masters - doctorate cum-editor of the study together with colleagues specialized on public health and epidemiology at the University of Manchester, UK said: "Size hips have protective role. In other words, large waist comes with big hips equivalent is not something to worrying but big hips with smaller waist. "

The study was conducted with 24.508 men and women aged 45 to 79 in England. These people have participated in the Prospective Investigation Euros program to research on cancer (abbreviated as EPIC - Norfolk), held at the University of Cambridge, England. Participants were measured weight, height, waist circumference, hip and examined the risk of heart disease from 1993 to 1997. They then were followed for more than 9 years.

During the follow-up period, 1,708 men and 892 women with coronary vascular disease. Participants included both men and women were divided into 5 groups based on waist-hip ratio. The researchers found that the highest waist-hip ratio people, the highest risk of heart disease are. Here are the results of this study:

- The man at the top of the list of rate 1/5 (those with the largest waists than hips) are at risk for coronary vascular disease, 55% higher than those at the bottom of the list (the smallest waists than hips).

- Women who are on top of the list waist-hip ratio 1/5 are at risk of heart disease which is higher than 91% of women with the smallest waists than hips.

- If only measure the waist, risk of heart disease was reduced 10-18% compared with the new applied method which is measuring waist circumference and compared with the hips (waist-hip ratio).

- If only measurement the waist, body mass index and the cause of coronary vascular disease are considered. Waist circumference increased by 6.4 cm in men and 9.2 cm in women and 20% reduced risk of heart disease.


Canoy said the study results will be useful in predicting risk for men and women that are relatively healthy in communities . Need to study more carefully to determine whether the distribution of fat may be an independent factor for heart disease in people with chronic disease and some other diseases boundaries.

People with fat concentrated in the abdomen have a high risk of heart disease, but they do not seem overweight or obese. However, the most important message drawn from this study and other studies on the risk of heart disease are: Despite the risk assessment methods and different treatments, but the important thing we need to reduce is excess weight. The doctor shoulds start by checking your weight, height and waist circumference as well as body mass index for the diagnosis of heart disease. Only with simple tools as waist-hip ratio can be a genius to predict the disease.

EPIC-Norfolk study by Cancer Research UK organizations, the Medical Research Council, Stroke Association, British Heart Foundation, Department of Health, Europe Against Cancer Programme Of The European Union Commisstion, Food Standards Agency and the Wellcome Trust for funding. Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Organization / Cambridge Overseas Trust and Christ University Canoy are supported for this study.

Also conducted in collaboration of the University of Cambridge. Co-author: S. Matthijs Boekholdt, MD, Ph.D .; Nicholas Wareham, M.B.B.S., FRCP; Robert Luben, B.Sc .; Ailsa Welch, Ph.D .; Sheila Bingham, Ph.D .; Iain Buchan, M.D., F.F.P.H .; Nicholas Day, Ph.D., F.R.S .; Kay-Tee Khaw and, M.B.B.Chir., FRCP.



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