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5 Best Hangover Cures College Edition

Updated on October 15, 2009

Baby Hangover

Hangover Cures

I wanted to do some writing on the tips and tricks I have picked up over the years on how to cure/deal with incredible hangovers. To make this article well rounded I polled a group of people from different colleges (dealing with hangovers frequently) and asked for their hangover remedies.

1. Water - We all know the winner of the Hangover competition is water. Your body is dehydrated would leads to the horrible pain coming from your throbbing head. Regardless of how much you think you drank you most likely need more water. Gatorade was also a choice from some people polled. 

Runner up - Coca-Cola - A majority of people that I asked said they frequently crack into an ice cold coke after a big night of drinking. Something about the bubbles, sugar and caffeine must be what does the trick. Warning- do not choose coke if you had more than your fair share of coke based mixed drinks the night before, this leads to vomiting.

2. Greasy Food - Greasy food in any form was the consistent choice for hangover connoisseurs. The top picked foods included, Steak and Cheese subs, Cheeseburgers, and Pizza, as well as breakfast food.

Restaurant Winner - The winner of best place to go to eat after a hangover was MacDonalds followed by any Diner and Chipolte. Breakfast food was high on the list and I do not stand behind Chipolte, but there are a lot of people who will.

3. Sleep - After you wake up and get some fluids and some food in your body it is time to relax again. This can be done by watching a movie, playing video games (poll favorite) or full blown going to sleep. Time is key to curing a hangover, as much as you want to feel great in 10 minute's its impossible.

4. More alcohol - Now this cure is a proceed with caution style cure. Although not scientifically supported like the other listed cures, drinking a small amount of alcohol can tame a hangover. Of the people I talked to using this method they say it can go one of two ways. One being the hangovers negative effects are slowed down, or two, the intense hangover is just delayed, and will bit just as hard soon. So I would suggest thinking twice before going this route

5. Fruit / Honey / Vitamins / Medicine - I grouped all three of these into one category because they were only supported by certain people. Fruit will restore important vitamins to your body as well as give you something to quench your thirst. Honey (by the spoonful) is said to help your dry throat, so you can add it to water, or tea. Vitamins like fruit, well give you vitamins, your body needs vitamins and this can help combat your hangover. Lastly, Medicine although not doctor recommended is the choice for most people with a hangover. This makes sense, since your head is pounding and you want an easy cure. This is not good for your system, but sometimes your system is the last thing on your mind during a mind bleeding hangover. 

Conclusion - Although there are things you can do to help alleviate the pain of a hangover there is still no sure shot way to stop it in it's tracks. That being said a glass of water and some food before bed is always a good idea.

Please comment below your favorite Hangover cures, what works for you, and what does not!

Crazy Night
Crazy Night

The Hangover Movie


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