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5 Bad Food Habits That You Can Easily Change!

Updated on October 20, 2016

Sometimes when you are trying to lose weight and belly fat, it can seem really daunting to try to think about all of the big changes you need to make. You know you need to exercise more and you know that you need to make changes to your diet, but where do you start? To make things easy we’ve listed 5 bad food habits below that you can easily change overnight. Making these simple changes to your diet will cut out a big chunk of unnecessary calories that we can easily fall into the habit of consuming on a daily basis. Let me know if they work for you!

Sugar in tea and coffee

Do you like to add a little bit of sweetness to your hot drinks? Adding sugar to tea and coffee may taste good, but it adds a good amount of calories too. 15 calories per teaspoon might not seem like a big amount but when you consider that cutting it out could easily cut your calorie consumption by 100+ calories per day, well every little helps doesn’t it? And as much as you are tempted to reach for the sweeteners, please do your research about the dangers of them before you do. I’m a firm believer that sweeteners can be more dangerous than any sugar you might add to a drink.

Switch sugary snacks for fruit and raw veg

So, you are also partial to a bit of snacking hey? Well, snacking between meals doesn’t have to be the sin that it so often is. You just have to be choosy about what you snack on. Swapping that daily Mars Bar for an Apple, a stick of celery or even a raw carrot can turn out to be a huge calorie cutter. There is still sugar – in the form of fructose - in fruit by the way, but the 116 calories contained in an average apple is a big drop from the 280 calories packed into a Mars bar, isn’t it? And when you think about the 6 calories present in an average stick of celery, well now things are just getting silly. :-)

Cut down on the alcohol

So, what’s your tipple? Beer, Wine, Spirits? I’m sure I don’t have to list the calorie content of all these drinks to win you over. We all know that alcoholic drinks are high in calories, especially if you consume a lot of the stuff. If you can switch out these alcoholic beverages and replace them with water or perhaps a nice herbal tea then you could potentially cut out thousands of calories over the course of a week, depending on how much you drink of course.

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Go from fizzy to still

If you are thinking of replacing the alcohol with a glass of coke or lemonade then think again. These drinks are also highly calorific and are quite simply bad for your health. Just put a dirty penny into a glass of coke overnight and then take it out and see what the acid has done to it, now imagine what this drink is doing to your gut!

But getting back onto the subject of calories, I know a lot of people who’ve dropped their belly fat simply by cutting out sugary fizzy drinks. As with the sweeteners we mentioned earlier, if you’re thinking about going for the diet option instead then please do a little research. Diet fizzy drinks are jam-packed full of toxins, toxins which your body may well need to store somewhere if you are not a naturally good detoxifier. Often these toxins will be stored in fat cells which we explain further in one of our other posts linked to at the end of this post.

Putting smaller portions on your plate

Our final tip but which is by no means less important is that of portion sizes. When we eat a certain amount of food each day, our stomach naturally becomes used to receiving that amount. This makes it very easy to overfeed yourself on a daily basis, as your stomach makes you feel like you are hungry when actually you’re not. Reducing the size of the portion of food on your plate may seem unnatural at first and yes, you may feel hungry. As your stomach gets used to getting less food – or we could say the right amount of food - on a daily basis then these feelings of artificial hunger will diminish along with your belly fat.

What other calorie loaded habits can easily be changed?


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