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How to become smart after pregnancy

Updated on February 29, 2012

Women usually fear that they might not get back in good shape after pregnancy but it’s not impossible. By following these guidelines right after pregnancy you can lose weight and once again become smart. These are:-

1. Drink water at room temperature

Avoid drinking cold water. It is more preferable to drink warm water but if you cannot, drink water which is at room temperature. You should do this for at least the first 15 days after giving birth.

2. Have black tea

Have black tea once in a day for 20 days right after the delivery.

3. Avoid eating rice

If you want to look slim and fit, avoid eating rice for at least 20 days after giving birth.

4. Get massage done

Get the services of an expert to massage your whole body. The massage done for one month will help reduce your stomach and thighs and make you feel better. After the massage, shower with warm water.

5. Tie a belt around your stomach

Tying a belt around your belly will make it go in and also support your back thus helping to reduce back ache when you bend down or sit for hours breastfeeding your baby. You should tie the belt daily for at least 7-8 hours and do this for about one month.

If you make it all a part of your lifestyle for about a month then in no time you will be wearing your old clothes again and looking great in them.


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