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5 Effective Strategies to Create a Stress Free Life

Updated on May 21, 2019
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I’m a Stress Relief Coach specializing in helping people who are dealing with the negative health effects of a long term stress and anxiety

Are you happy with your life?

Are you happy with your life or is there something that you want to change? Are you feeling relaxed and in control? Do you feel that you’re reaching you’re full potential? Are you living a life which you enjoy and is giving you the fulfillment that you want?

If you’re answer is yes that’s great and if it’s no then it’s also good because now you know that you have to change something if you want a better life. The most important part of this is though not how you answered the question but taking the action of reflecting on your life and finding out if you’re happy with it.

The importance of reflecting

Reflecting regularly on our lives can be extremely helpful to find out if we’re happy with the life that we’re living because most of the time we’re on automatic pilot, not thinking if we’re making choices and doing things that are serving us the best. When we don’t reflect upon our life we often have a feeling of emptiness hidden deep below the surface. We know that something is wrong but we choose to ignore it. Without giving it much thought we stay in our comfort zone, not taking any chances and therefore not getting the life that we deserve. If we would stop for a moment and reflect on our lives then we might find some things that are uncomfortable for us. In that way we face our fears and we may find out that we’re forced to take some action if we are going to change our life for the better.

Living under constant stress

We may be living under constant stress and feeling overwhelmed and drained. Maybe we can’t say no to anybody who asks us to do something because we want to keep everybody happy. Maybe our job isn’t giving us the enjoyment that we’re looking for. We wait for the weekends to arrive and dread Mondays. We carry on with this lifestyle because we have decided to stay on autopilot and not rock the boat. We make ourselves believe that we have no alternatives and therefore we just settle for a life that we’re not happy with.

You can change your circumstances

The truth is we can always change our circumstances, we don’t have to settle for anything. We can change both our inner and outer reality. What we believe is the truth for us. If we say to ourselves that there is no way out then there is no way out, but if we says there is a way out and we believe that we can then that’s the truth for us. This is a self fulfilling prophesy.

It’s good to take a look at ourselves, how we think and how we act as a person. What do we think about most of the time? Are our thoughts negative and telling us something that’s no good for us? What kind of a person do we want to be and what do we want to spend our time doing?

Become aware of your thoughts

Our minds can be both our best friend but also our worst enemy. If we are not aware of our thoughts, then they will control our lives and probably not in the best way possible. We create stories in our minds about what we should or shouldn’t do and how to live our lives. Most of our stories are not originating from our core self but from sources outside us. We have been influenced by so many things, for example by our society, teachers, family or friends and that’s often the voice that’s directing our way.

The place to look in when we’re looking for a way to change is to look in our own mind. Everything starts within ourselves. We can change ourselves as a person by starting to connect to our inner self and realize how much we matter. We don’t have to do everything at our own expense, we have to learn to say no and give ourselves more time to relax and enjoy life. We can reconsider if the job we’re in is serving us well or if we should maybe look for something else.

Start listening to your intuition

To find out what is right for us and what we should do we have to go to our inner core and start to listen to our intuition. Intuition is our natural state and when we’re in a relaxed state and listen for this lower inner voice then we know that we will be on the right track to a more joyful and happier life.

You can use those 5 effective strategies here below to help you to connect more to your inner core and find out what actions to take to change your life to the better:

5 effective strategies for a stress free life

1. Recollect of your past

What have we been thinking and doing and is there something that we want to change? Our future is built on our yesterdays errors so it’s important to look for guidance into the future by asking questions like that. When we’ve asked yourself those questions, we stay in silence and wait for answers. They may come right away or later, we may have to ask many times but eventually the answer will come. When it does, we should listen and learn from what comes to us.

2. Become aware of what you focus on

Are we directing our focus onto that which is serving our purpose? When we for example get overwhelmed by something for little or no reason, then we know it’s time to shift our focus to something positive. That will help us feel better and become more balanced. When we shift our focus to something positive we give ourselves the chance to relax and enjoy instead of feeling anxious. We have to consciously stay in that focus as long as we can and when we go on the same negative track again we have to repeat and shift our focus to something positive. We have to be aware of that and repeat as many times as necessary during the day.

3. Take actions

Taking actions is the key to every change. We can start by taking baby steps, one at at time, out of our comfort zone towards something that we want. In that way we exercise the muscle of courage. By expanding our comfort zone, we will feel more and more confident and happy with ourselves. By remembering all our prior accomplishments and successes we will be more ready to expand and grow. Feel the positive emotions that comes from that way of thinking and take the step to change.

4. Notice your body position

Do we open up our heart and chest and invite good opportunities to come to us. Do we stand straight and smile to the world? This is important because our brain is sensitive to our body language. When our body positions are open and show that we’re confident and happy our brain interprets it as if we really are and starts working with us in that way. This can do wonders, it can help us to feel the confidence that we need and continue on our way to creating a new and better life.

5. Enjoy the moment

Remember to enjoy and be happy in the moment. Don’t think too much about the past or the future, just be where you are and accept what’s happening right now. Believe that you can handle every situation that comes up, whether it’s good or bad. Don’t worry now, just be happy, relax and go with the flow.

You deserve a stress free and a happy life

If you follow these strategies you can make dramatic changes in you life for the better. You deserve a stress free and a happy life and it’s not something that you have to wait for someone else to give to you. The best thing about it is that you can give it to yourself whenever you want to, you just have to start by becoming aware of how you live your life and your thinking patterns and wanting to do what it takes.


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