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5 Reasons to Give up Nicotine

Updated on February 4, 2019
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Garrett is a freelance writer with experience including eBay, article, and blog writing.

Your lungs will thank you

Both smoking and vaping cause lung issues. Smoking is more harsh and severe than than vaping, however both play a role in harming your respiratory system. The smoke from a cigarette is known to cause a buildup of tar in your lungs, while vaping can lead to issues such as "popcorn lung" or cancer. Smoking has been the cause for 480,000 deaths a year! As well as 41,000 deaths from second hand smoking! Which means even being near someone else can cause a fatal accident or a form of cancer. On the other hand, vaping sounds like a smarter and overall safer alternative, but can leave a user with popcorn lung, which is a constrctive bronchitis. This condition leaves people with shortness of breath, irritated lungs, and even death!


Nicotine is HIGHLY addictive

The reason many people rely on nicotine on a day to day basis is due to it's high level of addiction. One puff of a cigarette or vape releases a high amount of dopamine. This creates a feeling of slight euphoria for the user, and in turn creates the addictive property nicotine is known for. Within ten seconds of one puff is all it takes for nicotine to take over. After a few uses, the user will take on a nicotine addiction.

Nicotine will burn all of your money

From vaping to chew, all nicotine comes at a price. Seven dollars doesn't seem like a whole lot when purchasing a pack of cigarettes. But when you look at it as a yearly cost, the numbers stack up high and fast. Let's say you buy two packs of cigarettes (near equivalent to the price of a vape refill) a week. That's fourteen dollars a week, which then leads to over 700 dollars a year! All of that money spent on an unhealthy addiction could have been put to a much better use, wouldn't you agree?

Nicotine affects your mental health

Aside from being addicting, nicotine has many mental health repercussions. Despite common myths regarding nicotine's ability to reduce stress and anxiety, the mental health foundation claims it actually increases both! Furthering your nicotine addiction can also lead to long term depression as well. While the first intake of nicotine can increase focus and reduce stress, the moment the nicotine wears off you will be faced with greater stress and anxiety levels until you take your next puff.

Nicotine withdrawl is horrible

As with nearly every drug out there, nicotine has a withdraw that is extremely hard to shake. Within a few days of dropping nicotine products, a user will experience headaches, depression, anxiety, stomach aches, and lack of concentration. All are symptoms of the dreaded withdrawl . However, there is a solution to the withdrawl. There are many medications and remedies for overcoming the symptoms. These tools can help you overcome and beat nicotine! And overtime, you will notice these symptoms fading away until you no longer crave another hit of nicotine. Examples of these medications include chantix or smoking patches .


You can do it!

As with anything great, quiting nicotine is going to be hard. If you or a loved one is struggling and wants to quit, reach out if needed. It is not an easy task, but it can be done. Many people have kicked the habit and now live a healthy and happier life because of it. And you can too! Just don't give up on it and remember it will all pay off!

Need help?

The following are a few sites willing to help you overcome your addiction today.


The rest is up to you!

Each step you take is another step to being nicotine free!

© 2019 Garrett Jones


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