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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Senior Concierge

Updated on May 13, 2016

1.) Peace of Mind-As seniors age they need assistance with activities that many of us take for granted such as running errands, driving to appointments and taking their dog for a walk. A critical thinking problem solver can assist the senior with these tasks.

2.) Companionship- Human beings are social creatures and a concierge service can provide assistance with visiting friends, shopping and helping their clients write and send holiday cards to family and friends.

3.) Personalized service- Some seniors drive and many senior communities have buses that provide amenities such as grocery shopping. However, customized personal service without the hassle of traffic, weather, or waiting in long lines is a scarce commodity. A concierge service is able to offer personalized convenience.

4.) You place a premium on your time-Waiting services that supervise household repairs and maintenance are becoming increasingly popular. A concierge service can help senior clients when they cannot be there for an in-home service call.

5.) Losses of Mobility- Seniors are not as agile as they were in their younger days. The loss of mobility can make it difficult to shop for groceries and declutter their residence.


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