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5 Simple Ways to bring Joy into your Life

Updated on March 13, 2018

It's quite easy to move through life in a blur. With so many distractions and being so busy chasing deadlines, it can seem almost extravagant to think of joy as a priority. But in all honesty, if we don't find ways in which to keep our cup full there will come a day when we will likely crash. I like to think of my emotional health and well-being as a petrol tank that I need to keep fed at all times.

An easy way in which to do so is to get into the practice of finding joy. Joy may sound like a whimsical, intangible thing. But in all honesty it boils down to an attitude that results from daily practice.

If you've been feeling as if you're running on empty and that you need to pick yourself up again, here are 5 simple ways in which you can find joy again.

How to find joy in your Everyday Life

1. Take more time to do Nothing

It may sound exciting to tell people how busy you are, but in actual fact, even though you might be in-demand you are also probably depleted. Taking time to so nothing may seem like a radical act, but it is actually essential to your equilibrium and state of mind. When you nothing, you are able to rest, restore your mental faculties, allow thoughts, creativity and solutions to flow to you.

2. Remember to Breathe

This might sound pretty obvious, however in all honesty, many people forget this most elementary skill in times of trouble. Check yourself currently. Are you clenching your muscles, holding your breath deeply and feeling edgy? Chances are that you need to engage in a few quick breathing exercises at your desk.

3. Know that Tomorrow is Another day

It may seem like your problems today are the worst in the world. Stop for a moment though and reflect on how far you've come in your entire time on the planet. There is a popular saying that speaks of people having survived a 100% of their worst days. True enough, you will also do the same.

4. Maintain Face time with People

If we look at the way in which we communicate with people nowadays, we seem to have checked out of reality. Instead we are fathom deep into our phones, devices and media stimuli among other things. Little do we realise it, but we end up sitting in the same rooms with people and all while being on our phones and then leave feeling as if we had communicated. There comes a time when we need to examine our communication styles and see if it needs a shake up. Instead of this, how about setting aside devices and actually talking to our loved ones? The time that we spend looking at their faces, watching them laugh, smile and express themselves is certainly worthwhile.

5. Avoid Toxic Individuals

As we go through our lives it helps to know that we have friends and positive people in our camp. However, having said that, there are equally negative people in our midst who do not intend good for us. In the event that you're unable to avoid them entirely, try to do some of the following:

• Find new more positive friends.

• Cut contact with or limit interaction with negative people.

• Build positive interaction and new activities that do not involve said individuals.

At the end of the day, joy is an attainable asset or commodity even though it may not seem tangible. If you find yourself struggling or grappling with the concept of creating your own joy, I certainly hope that I have provided you with tangible solutions to at least begin your journey on this path.


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