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5 Steps to Creating a Peaceful Home Decor

Updated on September 8, 2014

5 Easy Steps to Creating a Peaceful Space

Step:1 Colors do make a difference!

Are you the bubbly personality who likes to entertain, try out the latest thrill or maybe you are the quiet type who enjoys subtle colors that bring you in and make your heart fill with warmth? We all gravitate toward certain color pallets. Find out which ones are yours. You could be a Cool, Warm, Neutral, Vivid, Earth-tone or somewhere in-between. When you determine what colors speak to your soul; paint those colors on the interior walls of your home. When you walk into your house, you want to feel that immediate connection. You want an immediate sense of security to overcome your mind and speak peace to your soul.

Step 2: Cleanliness or at least some organizational attempts

Some of us are cleanies while others are more "space cluttered organizers." For those of us who share our living space with someone else, whose idea of clean is much different from our own, it is important to allocate separate spaces. If you don't get the say, in how to decorate the major living areas of your home, at least find a space or room that can encourage your own aesthetic appeal to canvas.This could be a crafting room or a man cave...Plus, the more organized you can become, with those Little things that tend to float from space to space, never really finding a home, should be designated one or thrown to the recycle world. Someone else's trash is another's treasure!,

Either way, you determine your space and what matters to you most. When you have to compromise for aesthetic reasons, be gentle with each other. Happy people, who hold in peace are so much better to live with. Plus, the less clutter you see, the more open and fresh your living space is.

Step 3: Hangings on the Wall and Accents

I remember my very first home. I was in the military and barely 20 years. I can vividly remember canvassing the walmart and target sections for wall art. I bought stuff that was cheap and reasonably applicable to my overall taste. Basically, if I could find something appealing, it was good enough for my wall.

As I have aged, and my visual taste has become more important to express, I have removed the easy money crap and replaced it with my own photos, pictures of art work made from my son's or poems written to my spouse, are some examples. Sassy them up with unique frames or other ways of hanging like foam boards, shadow boxes etc...I love photography and animals too, so I have certain areas in my home designated for animal shots, family & friends and nature. When I look around my home, my walls tell stories, that are all mine.

Since I love nature, I find ways to decorate with accents that bring the outdoors, indoors. You can also add touches of vibrant color rugs, kitchen appliances or a piece of pottery that speaks LOUD and Bright!

Step 4: Smells lovely smells

Have you ever entered into a part of your home or someone Else's, where the underlying smell alone was enough to make you exit with disgust? Or the combination of furnishings, smells, and colors on the wall made you feel nauseated? I have been in rooms like this from time to time. Our sense of smell is one of our 5 senses and for some, can make or break their mood. The more in touch we are with ourselves or the more sensitive we are, smells can make a difference between comfort and chaos. Consider aromatherapy with pure essential oils as a way to cleanse the air or clean your house surfaces. Nothing better than cleaning with all natural products that leave a great scent behind!

Step 5: Comfortable throws, blankets and pillows are just oh! so NICE!

Again, when I was younger my idea of a comfortable bed was a cheap mattress with an egg crate added in. Oh boy, what was I thinking! It is worth the money to invest in a comfortable mattress and down bedding. If you are allergic or an environmentalist--there is alternative down as well. Nothing says peace, comfort, warmth and love permeating through, like soft throws, pillows, and blankets added to furnishings.

© 2014 Amy Casale Choisser


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    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 3 years ago from USA

      Very good article. I really appreciated the lovely photo's you added with it. They really make a difference in holding ones interest.