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5 things that make your personality

Updated on April 5, 2016

We all carry a different personality. Do you know which factor determine our personality or what things actually construct our new personality. Here are some basic factors that forms our personality

1.Physique and Physical Health

By physical structure we mean height, color, constitution, composition of body etc.Generally, a person with good physical structure and constitution enjoys good health.Traits of physical structure are largely received in inheritance. For example, you would have observed that children of parents having good height are often taller while children of parents with shorter height are often less tall. Similar is the case with color, children of fair color parents are often fair and children of parents with dark complexion are often dark. However, this rule is not followed in every case. Very often we see children having physical characteristics or traits that do not appear similar to that of their parents but with their ancestors.

This means that heredity goes beyond our immediate parents. A child in fact is likely to receive biological characteristics of ancestors in the previous seven generations. Very often we notice that individuals with good physical structure and beauty are centre of attraction of others. Their parents, neighbours, teachers and peers develop favorable attitude toward them. As a result such children develop traits of selfconfidence, responsibility, sociability, and punctuality and sometimes feeling of superiority as well, while children not gifted with good physical structure and physical beauty are looked down upon by others. Consequently they develop feelings of inferiority, emotional instability. They become shy and introvert

2. Endocrine System

Our glandular system affects our personality and behaviour a great deal. It is well known that the many glands in our system regulate varied types of activities that are going on within our bodily system . However the question arises as to how are these glands which regulate our system affect our personality. You know at times we are very active but there are also times when we are depressed without any apparent reason. Actually the reason for this lies in constant chemical changes taking place in our body. These changes are a result of functioning of glands. Glands are of two types — endocrine glands and exocrine glands. Of these, the more important one is the endocrine glands. While secretions of exocrine glands go out of our body, the endocrinal secretions are released directly to our blood stream. Following are some of main endocrine glands: (i) Pituitary gland (ii) Adrenal gland (iii) Thyroid gland (iv) Pancreas and (v) Sex gland.

3.Nervous System

Why is it that some people are more intelligent, have more impressive personality?

Does it have anything to do with the nervous system? Does nervous system play any role in the formation of personality? Often when we meet some intelligent persons we say he has more gray matter. But what do psychologists say in this regard?

Psychologists usually believe that a person with more complex and developed nervous system has greater level of intellectual capabilities, and is considered more able to adjust with different situations. Such individuals are viewed favourably by others and are praised for their personality traits. Development of nervous system determines a person’s actual accomplishment in the society and his social status in the society.

For example, any maldevelopment in hippocampus leads to deficits in short term memory in that the person is unable to process information from short term to long term memory.Have you seen Amir Khan’s movie “Gazini” where the hero is unable to retain information. Just imagine what would be your personality if cerebellum is under developed or gets damaged.

Let me tell you, our cerebellum coordinates our motor activities. When we walk it controls our gate. Now imagine what will happen if cerebellum gets damaged. Our walk will be disorganised and we may become subject of ridicule and fun. Such experiences do affect our thinking and psychological makeup. Now we come back to gray matter, actually all our higher mental process are controlled and regulated by cortex encased in the bony skull and if the bony skull is removed it appears gray colored. Now the established fact is that greater the number of convulsions in cortex the more developed it is and the more weighty it would be.Therefore, people with developed nervous system are more intelligent. Such individuals are fast in developing traits like responsibility, punctuality, emotional stability, self-confidence and ego-strength. On the other hand, individuals with less developed nervous system have less ability to adjust. Because of their limited intellectual capabilities they often fall prey to many character disorders and their personality development is adversely affected.

4.Social Factors

Human beings are social animals. We are born and brought up in society. Therefore, social conditions, social institutions – family, school, marriage, religion, peer groups and neighbourhood as well as various other social groups will all affect the development of personality.

5.Cultural Factors

Culture is a broad term and includes in it all the customs, traditions, folks, fashions, fads and mores. We all are part of one or other culture. Therefore, cultural effect on personality is bound to take place. Cultural effect is most prominently seen in the way we welcome and greet people. In India when we meet someone greet with folded hands and say namaskar while when a Japanese meets someone he bows before and when an American meets someone he either shakes hand or kisses the other person. This apparent difference in welcoming another person is simply because

of learning in a culture. Let me cite you an example of how culture affects development of personality traits. In a classical study by Gadiner (1969) children from America, Thailand, Taiwan, and Germany were compared on hostility trait. Results showed Thai children scored the highest on hostility with American children scoring the least. In another study of drawings by Mexican and Anglo-American children it was found that drawings by Mexican children exhibited masculine traits more than that of Anglo-American children, and this may be because in Mexican culture higher value is placed on the development of masculinity.

Now you have understood how we construct our personality and how these things contribute in our personality formation.


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