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5 Ways to Enjoy a Bath

Updated on April 21, 2013

Enjoy a Relaxing Bath To Soothe Dry Skin, Loosen Sore Muscles and Invigorate the Body

Baths are one of the oldest and most relaxing method or cleansing the body. In ancient Greece and ancient India, stone bathtubs were created for royals. George Washington even had an open-air bathtub constructed in West Virginia. In Japan, circular wash tubs made from wood were the gold standard, and some are still featured outdoors and in Zen-like settings. Although many luxury resorts and mansion are outfitted with extra-deep jacuzzi tubs today, the simple tradition of bathing in a bathtub remains an important ritual to cleanse the body, warm the extremities, sooth sore muscles, moisturize dry skin and clear the nasal passages.

1. Enjoy a Bubble Bath

Foaming bubble baths are fun for all ages. Remember that iconic scene in Pretty Woman where the charming Julia Roberts is rocking out with her walkman surrounded by heaps of fluffy bubbles in the luxurious hotel bathtub. They are also great to get kids into taking baths.

I like bubble baths because they are:

  • Fun for all ages
  • Deeply relaxing
  • Wonderfully scented

Bubbles are merely soap that's filled with air yet those light-as-air clouds of foam and bubbles are magical for bathers of all ages. You don't have to be young to enjoy a good bubble bath.

2. Bath Salts

Epsom salts and bath salts fortified with botanical ingredients are great for relaxing tired muscles and reducing inflammation in the body. Use Epsom salts in a bath or in a bucket to soak tired feet. Epsom salts and bath salts are ideal for:

  • Easing inflammation
  • Relaxing sore muscles

How Do Epsom Salts Work?

This fact acting compound works by controlling enzyme levels in the body and helping remove lactic acid and other byproducts of vigorous exercise and injuries. Epsom salts contain a powerful blend of sulfate and magnesium, which is water soluble and very beneficial.

How to use Epsom Salts

The Epsom Salts Council recommends adding two cups of Epsom salt to a standard-sized bathtub. Latina beauty Jessica Alba shared her beauty secrets with Marie Claire magazine claiming that she soaks in a bath with one gallon of Epsom salts nearly every day after her grueling workouts. (No wonder this girl is in shape!)

Discover more beauty tips and secrets from Jessica Alba in this feature from Marie Claire.

For more ways to use Epsom salts in beauty treatments, around the house and in the garden, visit the Epsom Salts Council.

Masada Bath Salts, Relaxing Lavender, Dead Sea Mineral, 64 Ounces (1.814 kg)
Masada Bath Salts, Relaxing Lavender, Dead Sea Mineral, 64 Ounces (1.814 kg)

Masada bath salts are collected from the Dead Sea, which has some of the highest-quality and largest deposits in the world. This relaxing salt blend features calming lavender for a bath that's even more relaxing, plus the smart packaging is durable and resealable.


What are Your Bath Habits?

How often to do take a bath instead of showering?

See results

3. Bathe Like Cleopatra! - In milk that is.

Milk baths are soothing, deeply moisturizing and exceptionally luxurious. According to legend, Cleopatra, the sultry Queen of the Nile, would soak in fragrant milk baths scented with honey and lavender to beautiful her skin.

Why Does Milk Enhance Our Skin?

The ancients intuitively knew of the health benefits of milk and many natural or readily available substances. Modern science has confirmed these ancient superstitions by identifying alpha hydroxy acid, the main ingredient in modern chemical peels, which is present within the lactic acid found in milk. For best results, soak for 20 minutes and scrub your body with a bath pouff or a washcloth. This will help remove all the dead skin cells loosened by the alpha hydroxy acid found in milk.

Visit EcoBites for creative milk bath formulas inspired by the legendary beauty of Cleopatra!

SACO Mix 'n Drink Instant Skim Milk, Fat-Free, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, High Calcium and Protein, Makes 40 Quarts
SACO Mix 'n Drink Instant Skim Milk, Fat-Free, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, High Calcium and Protein, Makes 40 Quarts

Dry milk in boxes or individual pouches are ideal for creating a milk bath that will make your feel as radiant as Cleopatra. Instant milk or dry milk contains the same nutrients as fresh whole milk, so you know your getting all the benefits Cleopatra would have demanded for herself.


4. Aveeno Oatmeal for Baths

Colloidal oatmeal is ideal for creating a bath that soothes and smooths irritated skin. I've been using this particular brand since I was a wee little one, back in the days when chicken pox was everywhere! Aveeno recommends their fragrance-free colloidal (pulverized) oatmeal.

  • Moisturize dry skin
  • Relieve Itchiness

Why Does Oatmeal Calm the Skin?

The common oat, Avena sativa, has been used for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory and anti-itch agent. The active compound is an antimicrobial substance produced by plants, which happens to be found in oat seeds. This particular substance found in oats is known as Avenanthramide. In 1978, the FDA declared colloidal oatmeal as safe and effective for treating dry skin and relieving itching. (They probably could have found this out by reading some ancient manuscripts from around the world, but at least they caught on! Talk about time tested.)


Cool oatmeal baths are recommended for those suffering from contact dermatitis or rashes. Aveeno recommends their soothing bath treatment for dry skin, poison ivy, sunburn, eczema and a variety of other conditions. The company also touts it as the top dermatologist-recommended bath treatment. Read more about at

Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment with 100% Natural Colloidal Oatmeal for Treatment & Relief of Dry, Itchy, Irritated Skin Due to Poison Ivy, Eczema, Sunburn, Rash, Insect Bites & Hives, 8 ct.
Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment with 100% Natural Colloidal Oatmeal for Treatment & Relief of Dry, Itchy, Irritated Skin Due to Poison Ivy, Eczema, Sunburn, Rash, Insect Bites & Hives, 8 ct.

This soothing bath treatment is ideal for serious skin conditions or an everyday bath with an extra level of pampering, skin-enriching goodness. Aveeno offers this product in a box that includes eight individually sealed pouches. Disperse the colloidal oatmeal into your bath water and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. The oatmeal also has the ability to gently cleanse, so no extra soap is necessary. Oh, did I mention how affordable it is?


5. Botanical Bath Oils

Botanical bath oils are ideal for alleviating a variety of physical and emotional conditions. Not only do these botanical oils moisturize the skin, they are absorbed naturally through the dermis and sinuses to help produce a state of serenity and a sense of wellness. They are like aromatherapy that you can immerse yourself in. Oils are great for:

  • Soothing dry skin
  • Alleviating itchiness
  • Releasing tension
  • Getting in the mood
  • Relaxing sore muscles
  • Opening congested airways

A little bath oil goes a long way, so you'll get more out of each bottle than you might think. Also, using to much bath oil could make your tub slippery. just remember less is more!

Kneipp Herbal Bath Set
Kneipp Herbal Bath Set

German manufacturer Kneipp produces a marvelous variety of fragrant bath oils featuring botanical ingredients. Promote restful sleep, relax sore muscles, clear your chest and nasal passage during a cold or warm up during a wet rainy day. There is literally a Kneipp oil for everything! Dr. Hauschka is also popular. I believe their oils are more natural, but they are also more expensive.


Great bath Accessories Items From Amazon

Accessories to Make Your Bath Better

Here are a few ideas for making your luxurious bath a little better:

  • A good book or inspiring magazine
  • A hot, dry towel
  • A scented candle
  • A glass of wine
  • A few cucumber slices for your eyes
  • A relaxing CD

***Fun Fact: Did you know that the flamboyant party-boy Cole Porter regularly used cucumber slices to soothe his sore eyes after a night of hard partying. Yup, it's true.

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      6 years ago

      Ok. Just really hot water, but it's the best way I've found to relax. Nice lens.


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