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50 ideas to make today special

Updated on May 24, 2008

Let's face it, we all have bad days. We all have days where our grand goal is to survive until bedtime. However, we all love it when a good day catches us by surprise. Here are 50 ideas to help today go a little better.

1. Laugh a lot- even at the little things

2. Play with your children- they remind us how to have fun in the simple things

3. Spend a moment with a lonely senior citizen- it not only makes their day brighter, but yours as well

4. Romance your spouse, just because

5. Ice Cream- enough said

6. Kiss your spouse like you mean it

7. Spend time with a baby- they do the silliest things

8. Help a needy person- not just with your money, but with your presence

9. Take a quiet walk through the park

10. Read the comics page first- it puts the rest of the newspaper in perspective

11. Yell a little less, and praise a lot more

12. See a ballgame in person- make sure you throw the peanut shells all over the place, then laugh about it

13. Listen to your children's stories- you might learn something

14. Shop for fun

15. Take your spouse on a long date- might remind you why you fell in love in the first place

16. Look up- that is, look at the trees around you rather than the traffic in front of you- don't hit someone in the process, though

17. Take a dip- a good swim washes the stress away

18. Eat a lemon- nothing brings you to life like a lemon

19. Laugh at your mistakes

20. Read a good book

21. Pray, then let it go- worry accomplishes nothing

22. Golf- this has the possibility to make your day go bad, unless you don't keep score

23. Watch a funny movie

24. Speak a word of encouragement

25. Call your mother-in-law- this makes her day go bad, which in turn makes your's go better- just kidding

26. Do your favorite hobby for an hour

27. Pick some flowers for your wife

28. Listen to your favorite music

29. Adopt a pet

30. Go to an amusement park

31. Ride a bike

32. Watch family videos- good memories are waiting

33. Look at old family photos

34. Give your pet a big hug, and let them kiss you back

35. Watch your dog go sliding across the hardwood floors

36. Listen to your kid try to invent a joke, then laugh hard

37. Play a game with your family

38. Visit a jokes website

39. Send a card- just because

40. Do five sit ups- just to ease your conscience

41. Sing out loud

42. Do a silly dance

43. Read the Bible- gives perspective for the day

44. Spoil the grandchildren

45. Cry- a good cry can cleanse the soul

46. Visit a children's hospital- the kids can teach you to smile in spite of it all

47. Be thankful

48. Thank a veteran

49. Smell the flowers

50. Last but not least- sit back and enjoy the accomplishments of the day

Laughing Baby


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    • trish1048 profile image


      10 years ago

      Hi Michael,

      I totally agree.  I am lucky that on my way to work every morning, I go through a park.  Very often I see deer, mostly, but also rabbits, geese, groundhogs, and one day last week a small red fox. 

      It takes about a good 5 to 7 minutes to go through the park, and often it's the brightest part of my day.  Also, I do go there often and park by the lake and take my lunch hour there.  It's very peaceful and allows me to decompress for an hour before having to go back to the grind.

      Some of my favorite mornings are when the sky is overcast and there is fog everywhere, a very ethereal look. It almost makes you feel as though you are in a different dimension.

      Thanks again for sharing,


    • Michael Davis profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael Davis 

      10 years ago

      Thanks for the positive remarks. I am glad that your day is starting out so good. The first time I ran across the video of the baby a couple years ago I couldn't stop laughing. This hub was a help to me. I just came up with the number 50 as a challenge to myself to see if I could come up with that many ideas. I was amazed at how we tend to overlook small, but very important good things in life.

    • trish1048 profile image


      10 years ago

      Hello Michael,

      What an awesome hub! The ideas you presented are great. When I saw the title I thought, oh, I bet I could think of some more,,,and found that you covered everything I could think of myself :)

      The baby is just too precious, gave me a healthy belly laugh. Thanks so much for a great start to my day!



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