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54 Ways in Which Exercising Can Benefit You

Updated on January 8, 2018

Exercising in any form always benefits you in one or the other way. Exercising is not restricted to going to gym and doing crunches. It means keeping yourself active in any way possible. There are a lot of ways in which you can attain physical activity like: cycling - jogging-swimming-sports-dancing.

I personally like dancing very much. It is a great way of overall exercise that burns a lot of calories and also adds a new talent to your personality. Choose a type which requires a lot of energy as -hip hop, break dance or you can do freestyle.

Here are some of the benefits to exercise:

  1. Reduces risks of breast cancer up to 60%.
  2. Keeps your body in shape
  3. Improves endurance
  4. Improves digestive system
  5. Complexion is improved
  6. Burns more calories
  7. Metabolic rate increases
  8. Gives your body more muscles
  9. Reduces fat
  10. You take more sound sleep after exercising
  11. Keeps blood pressure in control
  12. Imp-roves blood circulation
  13. Immune system improves
  14. Gives more strength to muscles
  15. Reduces mortality or premature death
  16. Reduces reaction time
  17. Makes your heart bigger
  18. Keeps bones and joints healthy
  19. Enhances liver performance
  20. Makes your body more flexible
  21. Reduces aging
  22. Increases life
  23. Body posture is improved
  24. Gives your body athletic built
  25. Increases your concentration power
  26. Brain works faster
  27. Weight loss
  28. Improves cardiovascular functions
  29. Increases maximal stroke volume
  30. Oxygen carrying ability of blood improves
  31. muscles uses oxygen more efficiently
  32. Makes you psychologically more fit
  33. Reduces anxiety
  34. Decreases stress
  35. Boasts self esteem
  36. Increases energy level
  37. Increases stamina
  38. Reduces depression
  39. Maximum cardiac output increases
  40. Increases oxygen intake capacity
  41. Reduces risks of colon cancer
  42. Improves your sexual power
  43. Boosts confidence
  44. HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) increases.
  45. Lower heart rate
  46. Reduces workload on heart
  47. Enhances recreation power
  48. You feel happier and more relaxed
  49. Decreases triglycerides
  50. Reduces risks of many diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes etc
  51. Enhances functioning of every organ
  52. Enhances nervous system
  53. Removes toxins from your body through sweating
  54. Increases bone mass

As women have less muscular bodies as compared to men they need to remain more physically active to stay in shape. More muscles means you can burn more calories.

Approximately 1 pound of muscles burn around 35 -50 calories per day. So be active and enjoy great benefits in addition to weight loss which no other product can give.


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