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23 Things to Make You Happy

Updated on September 12, 2014

Let's put a smile on that face

I don't know much about anything. I'm not the smartest guy or the most entertaining one. But one thing I do know how to do (very well) be happy.

I love to laugh. I make sure to laugh at least once a day to keep my sanity and enjoy life. Laughing just makes me feel better and when I can get others to laugh too, well, that just makes my day.

Disclaimer: If you don't find at least one video that makes you smile, I'm sorry.

#23 - Smothered by Bunnies

Who wouldn't love getting smothered by a ton of bunnies? I know I would love it!

#22 - Toilet Paper Gun

This is a really fun idea that doesn't look too difficult to build.

#21 - 99 Red Balloons Played With Red Balloons

People are extremely creative with music and video these days. I wonder how long it took him to film this, let alone figure out that he could write a song using nothing but red balloons!

#20 - Talented Piano Man

Many people have hidden talents that they don't share. If you have a hidden talent like this, you should share it with the world. You never know, it might just make someone happy :)

#19 - Dog Throws Temper Tantrum

Dogs are cute! That's all.

#18 - A Day at the Spa

I wonder if this guy would come to my house and give me this same treatment? Actually, that would be kind of creepy so...never mind.

#17 - High Five Cat

The kid on the bike is really talented. I wonder how they taught him to raise his hand at the exact same moment the cat did? Pretty cool stuff.

#16 - Dad Saves Money for Rest of Lifetime

The girl shooting the video deserves this punishment, especially for shooting the video vertically.

#15 - Bulldogs to the Rescue

It looks like these bulldogs are more interested in the tire than in the pool. I love dog videos!

#14 - Evil Cat

If this cat were Santa, I'd hate to be on the naughty list.

#13 - Dogs Loves to Swim

People will attach a GoPro to anything these days.

#12 - Homesick Puppy Fix

Some pets are actually treated more like family. Do you know any parents that will fly to their child's college dorm room and paint the interior like their home? I don't. This is one lucky dog!

#11 - Skateboarding in a Wheelchair

I find this fascinating especially since I can't even stand on a skateboard (with my feet) without falling.

#10 - Self-Entertaining Cat

Seems like lazy people will find really cool ways to avoid having to do ANY work. This video is cool though!

#9 - Cool Paper Sculptures

I bet it took a lot of time gluing all of those sheets of paper together! :)

#8 - Dad Teaches Children Important Lesson

Sometimes I feel like my co-workers need to watch this video.

#7 - Missionary Saves Birds

Thankfully these LDS Missionaries was there to save these poor ducklings from the storm drain!

#6 - Baby Goes Crazy for Remote

What a cute baby!

#5 - Compilation Videos Are Great

#4 - Celebs Read Mean Tweets

Celebrities get made fun of because they're in the public's eye but you gonna give them credit for doing such a great job reading these mean tweets!

** There are a few cuss words in this, most of which are bleeped out.

#3 - Magician Sneezes Head Off

While this would scare me, I do see how the after-effect would make people laugh. haha

#2 - Bird Feeds Dogs Treats

#1 - Paying for People's Groceries

While watching videos of cute animals, people being stupid, and other funny stuff, I find that these types of videos are the most enjoyable. We should help out those in need no matter our circumstance.


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