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My Top 5 Healthy Vegan Snacks

Updated on March 20, 2016

1- Nakd!

Honestly. Nakd bars feel like a eating a chocolate bar to me. I love them and find it hard to stop eating them when they are in my cupboard. Being date based- this makes them very sweet therefore great at curving that sugar craving. Although it is not great to eat lots of these. Im sure everyone has heard of these bars or always see them in stores, if you haven't tried one yet it is time to! There is also many different flavours available so they can satisfy everyone. They also do nibbles and bars.. Some of my favourites are the 'salted caramel' nibbles in the picture below. I also love the cashew cookie and the chocolate orange one. Unlike some other bars, these are extremely easy to get hold of and will be in any normal supermarket store not just your health food store. Just to clarify- they are completely raw and natural, with the ingredients of some being dates, nuts, raisins and natural flavourings.

See the table about each snack mentioned calories and sugar below!

2- Graze

I love almost everything from Graze. They have recently introduced the individual packets you can by in stores. Some would say they are difficult to get hold of- the main place i get them from is Boots. I love the nuts, seeds, and dried fruit they do. They are great for on the go and some for a protein boost! Again they do many different foods that majority are all natural and healthy. All their snacks are full of flavour and a bit of a twist on the normal flavours.

3- Bounce Balls

These are amazing. I love eating these as the texture feels really wholesome and chewy. These are also available in normal supermarkets however i only see about 2 different flavours. If you take a trip to your health food store you will see a number of different delicious flavours, like cacao orange or mint, or apple and cinnamon. My favourite being the spirulina and ginseng one! They also have a great amount of protein in them.

*The only 2 that are Vegan are the ones without the Whey protein, these are the cashew and pecan, and my favourite, the Spirulina & Gingseng!*

4- Perkier Bars!

These bars are a new edition to my snacks - i don't think they are available in a lot of places. I get mine from Sainsbury's however they do not appear in my health food stores. All these bars are 100% Vegan, and for a change, they are not date based. They are mostly Quinoa, with nuts and seeds and natural sweeteners and flavours making them taste really good. Some examples are the Cacao & cashew, Goji & Cranberry, and my favourite, the Cashew, Chia and Pumpkin seed bar.


Got to get the chocolate in there! These bars really are very very good and chocolatey, while still being raw, natural. They also have many different flavours and are 100% Vegan. They are really feel like true chocolate- if not better. They taste amazing and feel like such a treat. They also do some different flavours which make such a nice edition to the chocolate, some of these are Blueberry and Acai, Goji Berry, or Lemon and Green Tea! If you are vegan and health concerned, then this is the chocolate you need in your life!


Nakd bar- Cashew Cookie
Graze- Protein Power
Bounce Ball- (Spirulina and Ginseng)
Ombar (Coco Mylk)


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