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5 Hour Energy Review - The Best Energy Drink Ever?

Updated on April 16, 2015

5 Hour Energy Review 2015

So, is 5 Hour Energy Drink a true contender for the best energy drink?

5 Hour Energy Drinks are available in your local stores and shops around most small to large cities. In 2015 there are far more 5 Hour Energy Drink varieties, flavors, package options, than before. Most likely you have thought of purchasing one or even maybe have tried a 5 hour energy on an impulse buy. The real question is if 5 hour energy drinks really take the top score of 'Best Energy Drink'. Among a vast field of reputable contenders, 5 hour energy really strives to be at the top of the bar when it comes to choosing the best energy drink.

First, let's introduce what exactly 5 hour energy drinks are. They come in very small 1.93 FL OZ containers and pack a real energy punch! They contain things similar to other energy drink ingredients, but without the excess water many other energy drinks contain. This means no bathroom breaks because you drank two huge crazy energy drinks. This is good news! On top of the benefit of less massive energy drink to consume, 5 hour energy drinks work! They truly give you a boost of energy that lasts a very long time as far as long lasting energy drinks go. One small bottle of 5 hour energy drink is enough for an average adult to get going to have enough energy for a full day's work or concentration. It is advised not to take too many 5-hour energy drinks in a 24 hour period for health precautions. 5 hour energy drinks do tend to increase heart rate in many people, so do not take these if you have any sort of heart condition or serious medical condition. Further more you should always seek professional medical advice for any concerns you have with any caffeinated or similar acting substances before consuming. For more 5 hour energy warnings, 5 hour energy precautions, 5 hour energy information, 5 hour energy coupons, or 5 hour energy swag, please visit the 5 hour energy website information page here.

5 Hour energy drinks come in a variety of flavors but they all have artificial sweetener. I personally hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, but if you are used to drinking diet soda you shouldn't notice a difference. I do have to say this personally affects my score as far as best energy drink goes, but not by that much. The extra strength black bottles are 5 hour energy extra strength berry flavored, 5 hour energy sour apple extra strength, and grape 5 hour energy extra strength, from what I have seen so far in the best energy drink selections I have seen locally.

Although 5 hour energy drinks are scoring relatively high in the best energy drink attempt they do fall short in certain areas. The price is a strong point when it comes to score of best energy drinks and the price of 5 hour energy drinks are a tricky subject. First, 5 hour energy drinks are priced extremely competitively with other various fast acting energy drinks, but they are most definitely not in the same class as cheap energy drinks. 5 hour energy drinks are built from the ground up with profit in mind and when you choose an energy drink price to stick with your budget needs to be considered as well. At a price point hovering around $3 per bottle (1.97 fl oz) 5 hour energy drinks are pricey per fluid ounce compared to nearly every other energy drink on the market to date. The real issue is the concept of receiving more for your money these days and a small energy drink shot such as 5 hour energy is a seemingly over priced rip off. But, this may be at face value. As 5 hour energy does have some negative points towards the best energy drink brand it also has some very strong points.

While 5 hour energy does need some work to pick up the score in the best energy drink challenge, you need not worry. 5 hour energy packs a great boost of energy into a small bottle and when compared to other energy drink performance and is well on it's way to claiming the best energy drink ever title.

5 hour energy flavors

5 hour energy nutrition facts picture / 5 hour energy ingredients picture

5 hour energy nutrition facts

5 Hour Energy Ingredients

For a more in depth ingredients display,

Please see the official 5 Hour Energy

Website HERE 5 Hour Energy Ingredients

Where to buy 5 hour energy drinks

Hands down Amazon is the ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST place to buy 5 hour energy drinks! Shop around and you will see that Amazon really does have the best prices on 5 hour energy, especially when you buy in bulk. Remember they cost $3 or more per bottle at retail stores for these. Buy in bulk if you really enjoy these for less than 2 bucks a bottle!

So, Is 5 hour energy good or bad?

5 Hour Energy Extra Strength

A very cool new product 5 hour energy has released are the black bottles. With about the same caffeine as two cups of coffee these black bottle 5 hour energy drinks work much better than the regular red/orange/yellow bottles. Plus I have personally noticed a very large increase in sexual stamina and performance! Try a bottle or two tonight and see how your wife rates your performance. I bet you wear her out before getting tired or winded!

I have also noticed that the black label 5 hour energy drinks are about twice as strong as the regular bottles. These black bottles also sell out faster than the original red/orange bottles with the normal strength drinks. Sometimes the extra strength bottles also cost slightly more than the original. This price and the price for the original bottles vary from merchant to merchant, so shop around. I think you'll find that the more business a retailer does will often have a much cheaper price on 5 hour energy drinks. The best place I have found besides online on Amazon would have to be AM/PM gas stations. But because AM/PM's are individually owned and operated the prices can and will vary from store to store. So once again shop around for the best AM/PM or store/gas station like it.

5 hour energy also makes a Decaf version of their energy drink. I have never seen this in any store so I can't rate it. I'm sure it can't be as good as the versions with caffeine, but if someone has tried them I would love some feedback so I can edit this article. However I have included an amazon link to the decaf version in case anyone wants to try it.


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