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5 Bad Habits Can Age You Fast in Spring

Updated on November 14, 2011
bad habits to age you fast in spring
bad habits to age you fast in spring

5 bad habits can age you very fast

1. Lie in
Adequate amount of sleep can off your fatigue and rejuvenate, but some people have the misconception that sleeping more can be beneficial, especially for growth of young people, so some people lie in if they have the chance, exceed greatly normal sleep hours. After one night of rest, empty stomach make people feel hungry, and if you lie in at that occasion, it surely disrupts normal working patterns of stomach. Over time, mucous membranes get hurt and easily cause gastritis, gastric ulcer and poor digestion. So it is necessary to pay attention to sleep hours and keeping a good habit.
2. Violent exercise right after waking up
Many people exercise waking up in the morning, it is good for health if you pay attention, but exercise should begin after a short rest after getting up, wait for flow of qi and blood become balanced. If after getting up and no warming up, dive into violent exercise at one can easily cause cardiovascular diseaes.
3. Not eating breakfast
Nutritionist suggest that breakfast is the most important meal of a day. Body prepares for a new day’s work and study after a night rest. It needs to absorb rich nutrition to cope with the energy needed to spend. please take a look at my another hub Not eating breakfast, what harms would it do to get a clear idea of it.
4. Doing activities in humid or damp places
Spring is the season to have more rain and moisture, bacteria and virus can easily multiply and grow in that season. The room ventilation is important and the windows should be open everyday to keep bedclothes and clothes dry. You should wear loose and pure cotton clothes to prevent having eczema. Do not choose humid places to exercise, sweat should be wiped immediately and change the sweaty clothes as soon as possible. You should not exercise with sweat to prevent having illness like sudamen and joint pains.
5. Eating acidic foods
You should eat less acidic food but more sweet food. The liver Qi is suerfluous in spring, eating acidic food can make it worse and it tend to cause damage to spleen and stomach. So we should refrain from eating acidic food like mutton, dog meat, quail, fried peanut and sunflower seeds, fish, shrimps and crabs. We should eat more food which is beneficial to our liver like yam, bamboo shoots, spinach, dates and leek.


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