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6 Easy Steps to Better Vision

Updated on January 2, 2013

When we ignore the painful sensations we feel around the eyes, it follows that we are ignoring the signs our body is making to tell us that have serious health issues. These twitches, aches, and itches you feel are symptoms that point to even larger and potentially life-threatening ailments. Before your body bogs down, take control and use the six tips below to boost your vision

The tips below are ideal if you want to prevent any health issue, injury, or disability related to the eyes.

1. Understand your family’s health history.

Some eye ailments are genetic, and even life-threatening diseases like cancer are passed on throughout the bloodline. Understanding your family’s health history will help you rule out any ailment before they worsen.

2. Wear proper reading glasses at work, in front of the computer, at play, and even when out and about.

Everything and anything around you can trigger eye injuries and ailments. According to doctors and eye experts, eye injuries happen in an unsafe work environment, while playing sports, outdoors, and at home. It is highly advised, therefore, to wear protective gear when doing heavy work. Minute projectiles could land on your eyes and cause injuries, or worse, blindness.

Eye experts highly recommend using prescribed reading glasses made with high quality lenses that do not break easily. Wearing the right pair of reading glasses can protect your eyes from further deterioration.

3. Exercise often, eat healthy food, and strive to be fit.

Living healthily may be easily defined as protecting yourself from all sorts of injuries especially those relating to your eyesight. Eating healthy food that is rich in Vitamin A can also supplement better vision and eyesight clarity.

4. Cut down on smoking and drinking alcohol.

Smoking has its side-effects and this includes macular degeneration, weaker eyesight, and in more serious instances, blindness.

5. Do not itch or rub your eyes when it feels itchy.

Itchy eyes are annoying, but rubbing them is not a solution to the itch. In fact, itching or rubbing your eyes with your fingers may cause friction on the upper layer of the eye, catapulting a simple itch into a more serious eye injury. Allergens, dirt and dust may cause the itchy feeling and to “cure” it, washing your eyes thoroughly with running water should do the trick.

6. Visit a doctor and get a dilated eye exam.

Nothing beats a doctor’s diagnoses. Next time you feel something amiss with your eyesight or if you begin to see fluff or little bubbles even though there are none in front of you, schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately and get your eyes checked.

It’s never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle. Before you lose your perfectly healthy eyesight, take the necessary steps to stop different eye issues in its tracks.


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