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6 Effective ways to lose body weight in two weeks

Updated on March 23, 2016

Everyone wants to reduce the weight of their bodies, and for that seek to do many ways and exhausting them take medication and follow diets and exercise hard but in order Tango ai weight it is much easier and would take time and considerable effort from you as you do 'in the past.
And so we'll show you The following are useful ways to help you lose body weight rapidly:

- National food cut into small pieces and this idea may seem funny and naive, but many studies have shown that this method makes your brain think you have dealt with lots of food.

- The research institution in the US city of Chicago, the work of a research experiment on the number of volunteers has shown that treatment through the use of the senses of smell and taste Whenever you sniff food before Taatnaoulih the desire to eat will be reduced, and your hunger also will be reduced, which will make you're taking Kara less food, due the reasons for this is that the sense of smell is the transfer of some of the signals to the brain are similar to the signals transmitted to him when eating Vinkhadda brain and deals with the least amount.

- The majority prefer to drink water and cold drinks but if you like to slimming your body the best is warm and warm drinks water intake has been proven that eating warm water makes you feel faster satiety not That NOLA lots of food during the meal, and if you do not Thabven drinking hot water only you can add some herbs to flavor to MAKE better.

- Think of weight loss always makes you more anxious and tense, which contributes to make you confused and had ninety Because ask you from time to time and the other is what you should do and the correct ways to do that and for as long as necessary so that you get a slim body, and this is incorrect because the weight loss process needs to be patience with the length of mind and perseverance.

- Blue colors that work on the dam appetite and decrease and so the restaurants do not put this color in most cases, but put colors that contribute to the opening of appetite such as red and orange and yellow, so you can Tara Team table B fire a blue color until after you've stimulated the appetite to eat less food.


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