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6 Herbs That Could Be Easily Grown in Kitchen Garden

Updated on September 27, 2016

Herb Garden


Preparing Soil for Container

Kitchen Garden

Gardening is a great hobby which can be done easily by some efforts and utilizing our leisure time. Having a kitchen garden at home develops the habit of eating fresh and healthy. We can utilize our backyard or any soil bed at our home. The option of planting herbs in the pot is always on in case of lack of space.Here are given the advantage of some herbs which could be grown easily in pots and requires very less efforts.

Ajjwain Plant in My Herb Garden


Ajjwain Plant

Growing Ajjwain Plant is the easiest form of gardening. You can simply borrow a twig or buy a one from nursery. Ajjwain Leaves are very beautiful, fleshy and hairy. It serves the purpose of beautification of house and adding a humble herb to our space. This plant can be grown in a pot. It does not require much of sunlight and watering. It grows and spreads very quickly. Proper trimming is required to keep this plant in shape. Its leaves are round hence it is considered a lucky plant to have in your house as Feng Shui. (Note: - This plant smells like Ajjwain aka Carom Seeds, but it is actually an Oregano plant. Sowing the Carom Seeds would give you a different plant, it has got its name because of its smell which is very prominent and can be felt from a distance.)

Uses of Ajjwain Plant

This plant acts as an herb. Its leave can be used for stomach aches and gas problems. It is a good cure for cold and coughs as well. You can simply add some leaves to your tea for flavor and its benefits. In India, people use this plant’s leaves for making pakoras and for flavoring. Its leaves can be added to pesto and chutneys to make them healthier. Dried leaves of this plant can be used for pizza and pasta seasoning.

Tulsi Sapling


Tulsi (Basil)

In India, Tulsi is considered as a sacred and holy plant. It has a great religious value in Hindu families. Tulsi plant is worshipped and considered as God’s plant. Apart from it, have many medicinal uses as well. Tulsi can be easily grown at home in loamy soil. The plant requires a lot of sunlight and water. A small sapling can be brought and directly planted into the pot. The best time to plant it is in the night. Give it some water and plant holds the soil very easily. There are many varieties of Tulsi like Ram Tulsi, Krishna or Shyam Tulsi etc. The plant can reach up to a height 2-3feet approximately. The plant gives lots of seeds called manjari. It is considered that, Tulsi plant dries if proper hygiene is not maintained. Pets should be kept away from this plant.

Uses of Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant is considered as a most powerful herb and it has a very long and old relation with Ayurveda. Tulsi leaves are a great remedy for cough, sinus and colds. Chewing few Tulsi leaves in the morning can help us to avoid many dieses. In India Tulsi leaves are used to prepare Tea. It gives a very nice aroma and taste. Giving Tulsi juice with honey to the kid is an old tradition. Adding Tulsi juice to face packs makes it a good option for acnes and pimples cure.

Holy Basil Seeds

Tulsi Seeds have a tendency to grow fast. They germinate in the pot by themselves.
Tulsi Seeds have a tendency to grow fast. They germinate in the pot by themselves. | Source

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera

A beautiful, fleshy and shiny green plant that is being used worldwide for its medicinal and skin benefits. In India it is called Gwarpatha. Aloe Vera plant can be grown in pots; we can simply take a cutting of the plant or sow the seeds. It is a slow growing plant. It takes weeks to germinate and even cutting grows slowly. Aloe Vera plant does not require too much of sunlight and water. Over watering the plant can rot its roots. If you find the leaves of Aloe are getting orange it may be due to over exposure to the sun. Keep the plant in shade.

Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has hundred of uses. Different people from different origin have their own ways of using this strong and natural antiseptic. Aloe Vera Leaf can be cut from middle lengthwise to extract Aloe Gel. This gel is a great remedy for cuts, burn and skin inflammations. This gel can be directly applied to the skin or face daily to get amazing results. It can reduce skin fungal infection like ringworm etc. Aloe Vera juice is very good for digestion. Aloe gel can be applied to scalp to get rid of itchiness. It is also used to make dishes in India.




Refreshing flavor, strong smell and dark green leaf known as mint, is definitely a boon to have in our kitchen garden. Mint can be easily grown at home. We just need a cutting or a sapling to be planted in a pot. A wide pot or a tub is suitable to plant Mint saplings. Take a cutting with only two or three leaves at the top. Plant few cuttings at some distance. Mint saplings require water and sunlight daily. Fertilizer can be added once or twice a month. The mint cuttings grow very fast. Mint is used for making chutneys, garnishing, mock tails and flavoring.

Uses of Mint

As we all know mint is really good for our health, it is a great antiseptic, anti inflammatory and astringent. Mint juice could be directly applied to skin infections and acnes. It has amazing results. Mint can be used to cure stomach ache, constipation and congestion due to cold. We can use mint vapours (adding mint juice or leave with steaming water) to cure cold and headaches. Mint has lots of fiber, antioxidants and minerals in it. It is great for improving digestion.

Mint Uses

Mint has great medicinal values.
Mint has great medicinal values. | Source

Splitted Coriander Seed





Coriander popularly known as Dhania in India and Cilantro in western countries is a wonderful herb with an amazing aroma. The leaves are bright green. It is used for garnishing and preparing sauce and chutneys. Growing Coriander at home has to be done with the seeds as it does not transplant well. We should use wide trays or tub for growing coriander. Coriander seed has actually two seeds inside its coating so splitting the seeds gently with the help of a roller increases the yield. Spitted seeds germinate fast as well. Put the seeds in the soil and cover lightly with a layer of soil. Water it regularly. The germination usually starts in 5-7 days. It grows fast and it keeps on yielding after trimming the leaves. After 10-12 days it is ready to use.

Uses of Coriander

Coriander is a great anti oxidant. It has minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. It has many vital vitamins like folic acid, Vitamin A and C. Cilantro leaves provides 30% of daily recommended levels of vitamin C. The health benefits of cilantro are numerous. It promotes liver health and increases HDL Cholesterol (good type). Adding a generous amount of coriander in our diet helps to reduces nausea and stomach indigestion problems.

My Curry Leaves Plant


Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves look like Neem Plant. It is widely used in many cuisines for tempering and garnishing. It can be easily grown in a pot of medium size. This plant requires a good amount of sunlight and water. It grows best if a sapling is planted in a pot. It could be brought from any nursery. It is really a nice herb to have in our kitchen garden. Only few people know it has many medicinal advantages as well.

Uses of Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves are a very good remedy for nausea and indigestion. We can chew few curry leaves daily to get maximum benefit out of it. It helps to reduce weight and improve eyesight. It is also believed to prevent cataract. It is a great remedy for graying hair and growth. We can dry curry leave and then make fine powder in order to consume it daily. It also help us to deal with arthritis.

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    • Neelam Ramani profile image

      Neelam Ramani 8 months ago from Delhi, India

      Thank you soo much, Anita for reading and appreciating.

    • Anita Hasch profile image

      Anita Hasch 9 months ago from Port Elizabeth

      Hi Neelam, I loved your hub on 6 herbs that are easily grown.

      I have planted many aloe vera plants. Will try to grow mint as it is a handy herb for the kitchen.

    • profile image

      Sheela Pai 22 months ago

      Very informative & useful for plant lovers. I was curious about growing Ajwain & got my answer. thanks

    • profile image

      hb 2 years ago


      can i grow ajwain from seed? In US i don't see the plant anywhere to get a cutting. Please let me know

    • profile image

      safrin 3 years ago

      Nice article to read and the pics are good

    • profile image

      P Sur 3 years ago

      Your article is really good. However, I thought I must clarify that it is a myth that "Pets need to be kept away from Tulsi else the plant won't survive". We have always had Tulsi in our balcony & my dog (my eldest) keeps sniffing it & communicating with the plant everyday. In fact everyone finds our Tulsi plant very healthy. Maybe because my dog is my daughter & not a pet :)

    • Neelam Ramani profile image

      Neelam Ramani 3 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks Rose, for reading out my hub and appreciating. It really feels good to get around with like minded people here.

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Great article! I generally grow my herbs outdoors but I have grown basil in my kitchen. I must admit that it is wonderful having it at your fingertips when preparing a meal. I have also had Aloe Vera plants in the kitchen and have used its gel for burns. Great tips and information! Thanks for sharing. (Voted Up) -Rose

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 4 years ago from sunny Florida

      Great little hub here. I would love to have these growing inside but my precious little kitty thinks inside plants are a whole new playground.

      Thanks for sharing this Voted up and shared Angels are on the way to you this evening. ps

    • howcurecancer profile image

      Elena@LessIsHealthy 4 years ago

      Voted up! I like your hub.

    • Neelam Ramani profile image

      Neelam Ramani 4 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks for reading my hub and vote.

    • Dr Fary profile image

      Dr Fary 4 years ago

      Rated useful. Clear photos and good-written hub.

      This is also great that you included a photo from your own sources alongside other sources.