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6 Natural Ways to Relieve a Headache: Sugar Toxins, Dehydration and More

Updated on February 21, 2012

There are a couple of ways to deal with headaches. The most popular method is to take a pain reliever because it provides an is an easy solution. The problem is that it only provides temporary relief. Headaches will return again and again until the root cause is addressed. The other method is to treat the underlying cause by supplying the body with the nutrition it need to deal with the condition which is causing the headache.

Here are 6 natural ways to relieve a headache3:

1) Avoid Toxic Foods and Beverages - Eliminate foods from the diet which contain chemicals, artificial preservatives and modified sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and monosodium glutamate. Fast foods, processed and refined foods are deficient in essential nutrients and should be avoided. When the body receives nutrient deficient foods it is forced to work harder, which causes overheating causing headaches. The best foods for headache relief are radishes, onions, cilantro and celery.

2) Adequate Hydration - Chronic dehydration is a condition many people suffer from and are not aware of it. It is one of the major causes for headaches. To avoid hydration drink at least 8, eight ounces glasses of water or another hydrating beverage daily. Soft drinks, coffee and black tend to dehydrate the body and are not suitable substitutes for water. When the body receives enough water, the kidneys are able to function properly and remove the toxins which cause headaches.

3) Stabilize Blood Sugar - Skipping meals leads to blood sugar imbalance which leads to headaches. It’s important to eat a minimum of three large, healthy meals or four to five smaller, healthy meals. The best foods for maintaining stable blood sugar levels include a combination of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Foods that have been stripped of their fiber such as white bread, white sugar and processed foods, are too quickly converted to glucose by the body, causing blood sugar imbalance and various health conditions including headaches.

4) Avoid airborne toxins - It may not always be possible to avoid airborne chemicals and other substances but there are some changes that can be made to limit exposure. The most common triggers for headaches are cigarette smoke, chemicals, perfumes and colognes. Essential oils can be worn instead of perfumes and colognes. Organic, natural shampoos, creams and conditioners can be used instead of regular shampoos, creams and conditioners. Avoid first and second hand smoke and use all natural laundry products, household cleaners and sanitizers.

5) Minimize Stress - Many headaches are stress related. Individuals with a stress headache may be afraid to exercise in fear of it getting worse. However, studies have found that exercise decreases intensity and duration of pain. This may due to the fact that muscles are being stretched and loosened.

6) Take Herbal Supplements - herbs found to effective at reducing or eliminated headaches include feverfew, gingko biloba, ginger, chamomile, rose hip and peppermint tea, valerian root (may cause drowsiness), willow tree bark and capsaicin.


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    • katiem2 profile image


      8 years ago from I'm outta here

      Great hub, #4 breathing toxins is a biggie for me. I appreciate you natural ways to relieve a headache. Thanks and Peace :)

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Very useful advice

    • ashley gwilliam profile image

      ashley gwilliam 

      8 years ago from Austin, TX

      I've had headaches on and off for a while and think it's a combination of things - not eating regularly timed meals, occasional dehydration and a history of poor posture. I went to a physician for the problem and he diagnosed it as chronic sinusitis... had a bunch of tests done, spent a bunch of money to find out *drumroll please* no sinusitis.


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