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6 Proven Tips to Losing Weight Permanently Without Dieting.

Updated on December 18, 2016

To many people, dieting is quick alternative for losing weight. After all, numerous lifestyle magazines and web articles fashion fad diets a quick fix devoid of complications . But is dieting a lasting solution? Not certainly. Quite often, individuals turn to dieting out of desperation to contain their weight that's spiraling out of control or just to associate with specific personalities that may be advocating for a given fad dieting. According to American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Lisa Dorfman, RD, such programs only appeal to user's vanity in the short run but are laden with health complications in the long run. For this, below are concrete tips to lose weight without dieting.

1. Change your eating habits.

Certain aspects of your lifestyle have a huge impact on your weight. For instance, feeding on junk foods frequently, even on small amounts, lead to build up of body fats. According to leading consumer behavior psychologist Dr. Brian Wansink, avoiding mindless eating cuts calorie intake and subsequently leads to proportionate weight loss that adds up with time. The body still has all the nutrients required converse to dieting. These not only triggers healthy changes in the body, but also keeps your weight in control.

2. Consuming more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and veggies have low fats and calories. In like manner, they have no cholesterol. Vegetables and fruits suppresses appetite levels minimizing probability of frequent and zealous eating. More so, consuming fruits between meals furnishes your system with essential nutrients, folate and dietary fiber; all without the risk of increasing body fat.

Exercise trims body fat and makes muscles lean and supple.
Exercise trims body fat and makes muscles lean and supple. | Source

3. Exercise more often.

Engaging in favorite sport often not only tones down weight gain but also revitalizes body organs through better blood circulation, nutrient supply and strengthening muscles. American Heart Association reports that exercises boost quality of life by improving your mental acuity, memory and other health benefits. Exercising frequently relieves you of anxiety tension, depression and anger.

4. Drink clean water frequently.

You know that water cleans your system, but does it help in cutting weight? According to Brooke Alpert, R.D, who B Nutritious, drinking water keeps body hydrated this helps decimate chances of overeating. Drinking water eliminates the craving for a midday snack and even lowers you consumption levels during a main meal. Even then, only take the right amounts. Else, excessive intake could disrupt your digestive system.

Individuals who do not sleep enough are often exhausted and stressed. This often results to weight gain.
Individuals who do not sleep enough are often exhausted and stressed. This often results to weight gain. | Source

5. Have Enough Sleep.

Sleep deprivation raises anxiety. According to research, stress causes production of Cortisol in the body which is responsible for fat build up in midsection of your body. Additionally, sleepy individuals are less active and burn less calories as a result. While different age groups need different sleep hours, a person requires an average of six hours of continuous sleep to function optimally according Dr. Chokroverty, MD and program director at New Jersey Neuroscience Institute.

6. Consume alcohol conservatively.

Soft drinks, alcohol and wines have high sugar levels. As a result, intake of these drinks in excessive proportions whips the calorie intake leading weight gain. For this, sugary drinks ought to be consumed conservatively.

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Pro tip:

While all the above strategies are ideal for a healthy lifestyle, you don't have to adopt them at once. Implement each tip at a time, starting with steps which resonate well with your lifestyle before adopting more with time. But most importantly, start off by picking one and implementing it.

Bottom Line.

Dieting doesn't guarantee permanent weight loss. That's why using an alternative to fad dieting matters. The tips above are valuable in your bid to controlling your weight, effortlessly.


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