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6 Reasons That Vapes Are Saving Lives

Updated on December 7, 2015

1.Not as much pollution from vaporizing.
People love to throw their cigarette butts on the ground. The culmination of all these butts is simply dirtying up the environment. Each year nearly 600 million trees are destroyed to provide fuel to dry tobacco. Put in another way one tree is destroyed for every 300 cigarettes.


Tobacco is a sensitive plant prone to many diseases. It therefore requires huge chemical inputs: up to 16 applications of pesticide are recommended during one three-month growing period. Aldrin and Dieldrin, and DDT are among the chemicals used. Methyl bromide, widely used as a fumigant in developing countries, contributes significantly to ozone depletion. 5

As well as being hazardous to users, chemicals may run off into water courses, contaminating local water supplies.2 There are also concerns about high levels of pesticide use leading to the development of resistance in mosquitoes and flies, making the control of diseases such as malaria more difficult. 5

2.Ex-smokers are switching to vaporizing
Directly tied in to reason number 1, ex-smokers are using the healthier vaporizer in place of the much unhealthier cigarette.

"The comprehensive review of the evidence finds that almost all of the 2.6 million adults using e-cigarettes in Great Britain are current or ex-smokers, most of whom are using the devices to help them quit smoking or to prevent them going back to cigarettes. It also provides reassurance that very few adults and young people who have never smoked are becoming regular e-cigarette users (less than 1% in each group)."

3. Tastebuds are being tickled.
Vaporizer liquid comes in a variety of flavors. A specific flavor will be tantalizing to the right individual wo likes it. Not only will one be delighted by the taste and smell, but they will also not smell like dirty ash, dread, cancer and pain.

The fun is the flavor, and VaporFi has more flavors than anyone. Our e-liquids are made from FDA registered labs using better than food grade flavorings for a quality taste every time. Choose from an in-house blend or customize your own combo giving you over 30,000 choices. Bet you can’t try them all!

4.Vaporizers don't inject death into your body.
Cigarette smoke is known to contain over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 cancer-causing compounds and 400 other toxins. There are no hidden additives in vaporizer liquid, unlike cigarettes. Vapor does not include tar, which can contribute to lung damage. There only 2 to 6 ingredients in vaporizer liquid; a mind blowing different from the 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes.

Vape liquid contains: 80%-90% Vegetable glycerine (VG) base. This acts as a carrier for the flavour (and nicotine, if added), and is often mixed with propylene glycol (PG) and/or polyethylene glycol (PEG). The higher the proportion of propylene glycol in the mixture, the thicker the clouds of vapour will be.
10%-20% Flavor. Either food grade flavorings, such as those used in candy making, or essential oil essences, such as spearmint.
0%-2.4% Nicotine, depending on strength.
Distilled water is sometimes used for dilution.

5. You won't curse your surrounding family and friends with second hand smoke.
The toxicity level of vaporizer liquid is so low; inhaling the vapor directly from the vaporizer is virtually harmless to begin with, so an indirect inhalation of the already breathed in vapor is even more harmless. By the time the vapor is sent back into the air from the lungs, it loses its concentration, significantly decreasing the amount of chemicals that is possible to breathe back in. The worst that can happen is someone breathes in the vapor and ingests the all of 4 chemicals in the vaporizer liquid. However, it will most likely disperse into the air and will not even be breathed in, unless it takes place in an closed in area such as a car.


“I started vaping about a week ago, and I don’t enjoy smoking cigarettes any more since I switched. Cigarettes taste bad to me now, and the tobacco smoke bothers me when I inhale it into my lungs. Everything smells so much better, and my food tastes nicer too. Best of all, my horrible smoker’s cough is going away. I’m so glad I finally decided to switch!” –C.M., Administrator

6. Smokey always said it was good to prevent forest fires.
There is no fire involved with vaping; therefore there is no chance of accidentally lighting your house or Smokey The Bear's home on fire with cigarette butts. It isn't rocket science to figure out why vaporizers don't cause fires. There is no "fire" or "flame" involved when using a vaporizer; therefore the danger of dropping a lit cigarette on the ground, causing a fire, is eliminated. The worst that could happen with a vaporizer is the rare chance it might melt part of the contraption. Congratulations, Smokey would be proud.


To start with, we're talking about vaporization and not combustion. Nothing is burning, and the "smoke" you see is vapor produced by super-heating the inert (hopefully) PG or VG in the liquid you're heating up. The active ingredient — in this case nicotine — is instantly vaporized and made available to the lungs because it vaporizes along with the propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.


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