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5 Relaxation Tips for Mummy To Be

Updated on November 7, 2013

Aches and pains, dashes to the bathroom and gas, topped with stress, anxiety and a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes it’s hard to see how the terms relaxation and pregnancy can even be used in the same sentence. And yet, we are told how imperative it is to stay relaxed and calm to benefit both you and your brewing bump.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to have had a symptom free pregnancy this isn’t the article for you. For those of you who feel like relax in merely the name of an old 80’s pop tune, and holds no true value at this particular stage in your life, have no fear, I am here to restore you with some faith!

There are countless ways for yummy mummy’s to be, to relax during pregnancy, and no I’m not talking about the run of the mill ‘take deep breaths, count to ten, ‘woo-saa’ kind of tips (well, they may be weaved in amongst these at some point), I’m talking something a little more enjoyable and fun!

Lets take a look at some of the simplest and most inexpensive of those right now.

It's Pamper Time

There is nothing a women loves more, well any sane woman that is, than a bit of pamper time. Pregnancy can leave you feeling, not quite your usual self. With the extra weight, acne, excess hair and sudden need to burp every time someone asks you a question, you may not be feeling your most princess like. Well a happy mummy means a happy healthy bump, so spend a bit of time, and make yourself look and feel great!

Hair removal

You may be a little, or a lot more sensitive to pain now that you’re pregnant, so waxing might be out of the question for you, unless you’re brave then you go girl!

If you’re not feeling so bold then don’t forget hair removal cream is perfectly safe throughout pregnancy, just stay in a well ventilated area, and don’t eat it, no matter how strong your new cravings are!

Having smooth hair free legs will give you an instant boost, making you feel not only happy but healthy!

Clip Those Claws

People say, the first thing you notice about a man is his shoes, and the first thing he’ll notice about you is your hands. Now I’m sure there are a number of things a man looks at first before a womans hands, but at some point he will notice your hands and they need to be in top condition.

There is nothing more unladylike than chipped nail polish, and unfilled nails. I’m not suggesting you go and pay £20 for a professional mani-pedi, just get some cooking oil and sugar, give your hands a good old scrub, moisturize, file those nails, pop some paint on yourself, or simply give them a quick buff. Walla, feeling better already!


Freshen up with a Facial

There are so many products that pregnant woman aren’t allowed to use, and it’s very easy to just give up on a beauty regime altogether for an easier life. That doesn’t have to be the case.

There are plenty of home-made natural ingredients that are perfectly safe to smother on your face, while leaving you feeling radiant and refreshed, and not burning a hole in your pocket.

Here is a great facial that can be made with 3 simple ingredients that you will probably have in your kitchen cupboards right now!

Honey and Egg Yolk facemask for a glowing complexion

Egg yolk is full of vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and zinc, and honey is a great antioxidant with water retaining and antibacterial properties. Therefore these ingredients are fantastic for giving you that glowing complexion you’ve been waiting for!


1 egg yolk

1 teaspoon of honey

½ teaspoon of olive oil


Mix the egg yolk and honey in a bowl.

Slowly pour in the oil while stirring the mixture.

Make sure your face is clean and dry, and apply the mixture.

Leave it on for around 15 minutes to really make sure it does some good for you.

Rinse off the mixture with warm water and pat your face dry.

Get Some Fresh Air

Nothing can make you feel healthier than bit of fresh air in your lungs. If you’ve got a garden then grab a blanket or garden char, put your feet up and take in the surroundings. Listen to the birds chirping, feel the breeze on your face and fill your lungs with some healthy fresh air.

If you don’t have a garden then take a walk to a nearby park, preferably one with few people, and do the same! Nature’s best medicine at its best!

Fun In The Park !

What Do You Think?

I would love to know your opinion on some of my suggestions your input and feedback are always welcome.

Do you have any suggestions or advice you could share with other readers please feel free to give your opinion.

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