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6 Tips to Lose Weight for Seniors: How to Gently Lose Weight

Updated on July 6, 2011

You’re not that old – but your body is starting to feel like it could do with a little bit of attention. Maybe your doctor has recommended a little toning – or maybe you’d just like to shape up for your general health.

The problem is, that all of the advice out there for weight loss is geared towards people who are capable of what are – let’s be honest – fairly strenuous physical activity.

Yoga? Come on – you don’t have to risk permanent injury just to get healthy!

Are there any tips to lose weight that are geared specifically towards seniors?

It turns out there are.

Age is no barrier to health, in fact, the older we get the more in tune we become with our general health, and its often easier to spot things before they become a problem.

What does this mean in terms of tips to lose weight? Well, in general terms, any tips to lose weight for seniors should take into consideration the possibility for reduced mobility. They might also take into consideration a heightened sensitivity to diet, too. Whatever advice you find in your search for weight loss tips for seniors, just remember that if it feels like you might get an injury, then don’t even try it.

There is, as the saying goes, more than one way to skin a cat!

1. Try Tai Chi. It’s a little bit like yoga – except that it won’t kill you. Tai Chi is an ancient eastern form of slow, deliberate movements which mimic those of martial arts. Tai Chi has been practiced by people of every age around the world for years, and is a proven way to gently increase your strength and flexibility. It thus, in combination with a healthy diet, will help with weight loss, too.

2. Water aerobics. Similar to normal aerobics, water aerobics is a gentler version you try in a pool or the ocean. The resistance that the water adds also allows you to build strength through a low-impact exercise.    

3. Herbal Teas can help. My favourites are stinging nettle tea and lemon tea. Stinging nettle tea is easy to prepare for yourself, or you can buy it pre-packaged. Furthermore, it’s useful because it lets you find a productive use for something which is typically considered a weed! Gardening and medicine simultaneously. Lemon tea is probably a little bit of a misnomer – I use this one myself in combination with a healthy diet, controlled portions and exercise, but even on its own it’s quite effective! Lemon tea is simply hot water with a moderate amount of lemon juice added to taste. Have it as the last thing you drink before you go to bed, and your metabolism will begin to increase over the course of a few days, letting you shed some of that ambient weight without too much effort.

4. Drink water before a meal. It’s true: drinking water before a meal has the effect of filling your stomach partially prior to eating. This impedes your appetite, allowing you to eat smaller portion sizes with less will power.

5. Keep healthy snacks nearby. Often you don’t build up big appetite,and when it comes to mealtime you really don’t feel like a full blown meal. If you’re one of those people who are tempted to snack constantly, try keeping only healthy snacks nearby – like bowls of mixed nuts.

6. Try walking more often. It can be harder to keep physically active as you age. You don’t necessarily need to run to lose weight or keep fit. Simply incorporating regular, gentle exercise into your lifestyle can have a cumulative effect.

Do you have any tips to lose weight for seniors? Let us know below…


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    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      I am a caregiver for a lovely senior lady. We have found "chair dancing." It is really fun. You can find some videos on YouTube. Thanks for the great Hub. Hyph