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6 Books to Start Your Survival Communities Medical Library

Updated on October 25, 2017

Every survival community needs a medical library. This library should slowly grow as your groups medical knowledge increases. Figuring out where to start in assembling your library can be difficult, so here is a list of six books that are the perfect place to start.

6 Books To Start Your Library


American Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED Participant’s Manual

This is my recommended first purchase for a medical library. It is a great resource for beginners as well as an excellent refresher text for the average person that has taken a First Aid course before. This manual covers the basics of First Aid, CPR, and the use of an AED. While not going into great detail on any one thing it does provide enough information on First Aid that I not only recommend having it in your medical library but, also that everyone in your survival community read it. Please remember to also take a First Aid and CPR course to get some hands on training.


U.S. Army First Aid Manual for Soldies

Another title that is good for the layperson and a handy reference to keep around your survival compound. This book shows up on every survival book list and for good reason. All though it is not a very long book it is packed to the gills with information. First Aid for Soldiers is easy to grasp and covers a wide variety of First Aid senarios. It covers everything from gunshot wounds to broken bones to environmental emergencies. Much like the first book on this list I highly recommend that everyone in your community read this book.


Prehospital Trauma Life Support

This is a more advanced book then the first two on this list. It Is the manual that goes with a course that I highly recommend taking to help round out your medical knowledge, but even without the course this is a great book to have on hand. Prehospital Trauma Life Support or PHTLS is geared towards emergancy medical service personnel but, it does go into detail on how to treat life threatening trauma out side of a hospital setting. Just remember that the whole point of this manual and the class is to get a patient stablized and to definitive health care.


Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

Another book that goes with a course. This book tells you what needs to happen along with basic CPR. ACLS covers in-depth what drugs and other interventions need to happen during a major cardiac issue. Much like PHTLS this manual and class are set up for EMS and hospital personnel. Even though most survival communities are not going to have access to the medications or equipment talked about in this manual it is still great information to have and a must have if your community does have them. This book along with the next book are going to show you just how much work needs to happen just to try and keep someone alive after a cardiac issue.


Pediatric Advanced Life Support

This is the companion book to the last one on the list. Where ACLS focuses on adults this manual is for children.


Emergency Care in the Streets

This is the textbook that lots of paramedic courses use. It is an amazing resourc, containing information on both traumas and medical issues but also gives a good review on both anatomy and physiology.

Now these books alone are not going to complete your medical library but they are an amazing start. These books are geared toward First Aid and what is called prehospital care. This means that the information covered in them is what needs to happen before someone would go to the hospital. That means this is just the first step in the chain of care. Your medical library is still going to need information on hospital and post hospital care. Also remember that books can not replace training, so get training now, so hopefully you never need to use it.

© 2017 Quincey Castle


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    • Tomaz Jelenko profile image

      Tomaz Jelenko 

      12 months ago from Slovenia

      Nice choice of books, well done!


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