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6 Curative Honey Benefits

Updated on August 16, 2015

2. Honey is Used a Diabetes Ulcer Treatment Agent:

When honey is used topically it acts as a full treatment to people with diabetic ulcers. This is usually recommended for patients who negatively react with topical antibiotics.

Honey Healthy and Curative Benefits

Honey is a bee product made using flower nectar and reaches your table or local shop from bee keepers who collect it through hives. Bee keeping business has been in existence for many centuries and its popularity is associated with it curative, health and beauty benefits.

So, is honey good for you? I have been in the honey business for a while now but what I do is just packaging since the bees do the manufacturing for me. Honey transformation from nectar to honey undergoes a process called regurgitation through storage in honeycombs.

Below are 6 curative benefits of honey which I find interesting:

1. Honey is Used in Wound Dressing:

When honey is used as wound dressing, it is diluted by body fluids to produces hydrogen peroxide. When this reaction occurs slowly, the hydrogen peroxide acts like an antiseptic.

3. Honey is Used for Prevention of Bacteria Growth:

Honey is considered to contain relatively a pH of between 3.2 and 4.5; this means it has the right acidic properties which prevent bacteria growth in our bodies.

4. Warm Honey Gives Relieve from Coughs and Sore Throat:

Modern over the counter prescriptions for coughs and sore throat have proved less effective due to the fact that they contain many chemicals. The soothing honey properties for both sore throats have been proven over the years.

Other Benefits of Honey

Apart from these 6 curative honey benefits, you can spice up your meals especially if you are the sweet tooth type. When added to tea or coffee, honey is one of the best known natural sweetener and is not laced with any chemical additives. When taken in its natural form, it is not known to have any side effects when taken in the right quantities.

For toddlers, it is used to sooth the stomach while aiding in smooth digestion hence being a cleanser and detox agent among other benefits. In the beauty industry raw honey is known to have natural properties for smooth skin for both sensitive and non sensitive skin types making it popular in beauty and massage parlors among others.

5. Honey is Used as Antioxidant:

Honey can be used as an antioxidant which helps in preventing the damage to your colon especially for people with colitis. This has been very effective in many traditional folk medicines.

6. Honey Contains Anti Allergies Properties:

Pasteurized but unfiltered honey is believed to ease allergies. A single table spoonful per day does the trick. This is due to properties contained in flower pollen grains.

Human beings have not been able to transform the nectar to honey as this requires a lot of hard work. What humans have been able to do is analyze the honey contents and come up with the following results, Fructose: 38.2%, Glucose 31.3%, Maltose 7.1%, Sucrose 1.3%, Water 17.2%, higher sugars 1.5%, Ash 0.2% and other undetermined contents accounting for 3.2%.

Now you know when to turn to honey.

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