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6 fruit helps weight loss

Updated on June 24, 2016

Apple, melon, pear, guava ... the fruits help you lose weight naturally, nutrient rich strengthen the immune system, preventing many diseases.
6 fruits for weight loss Efficient Image 1
Apples: The Boldsky , apples not only delicious, nutrient-rich, it also contains high levels of water and fiber, which helps you better absorb protein and fat restrictions before meals. In addition, the average 1 apple contains about 50 calories and no fat or sodium great for those who want to lose weight. Photo: Superhdfx.
6 fruits for weight loss Efficient Image 2
Watermelon: Fruit popular summer will help your body hydrated and control hunger for a long time. Watermelon contains 94% water, very low in calories. They are a rich source of the amino acid arginine helps burn fat. In addition, frequent eating watermelon and remove toxins from the body, while burning fat in the process. Photo: Kokean.
6 fruits for weight loss Efficient Image 3
Pear fruit is rich in soluble fiber and vitamin C, not only supports the digestive process, it also helps to burn fat efficiently. Fiber content will help you feel fuller for longer, reducing snack cravings and support weight loss. Photo: Boldsky.
6 fruits for weight loss 4 photo effects
Guava contains more fiber, minerals, protein essential for regulating metabolism, thereby promoting weight loss. Guava are rich in vitamins, but contains no cholesterol or bad carbs are easily restrict fat the body absorbs. So you can eat more without fear guava weight gain and lack of nutrients. Photo: Boldsky.
6 fruits for weight loss Efficient Image 5
Banana: According Msn , a banana contains 105 calories average, enhance your instant energy after exercise. Bananas are also rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin A ... helps stabilize the digestive system, strengthen muscles, and prevent constipation, weight loss support. Photo: Msn.
6 fruits for weight loss 6 photo effects
Orange: In addition to taste delicious, oranges also contain fewer calories, 100 g of fruit contains 47 calories only, so is the perfect snack for people who are dieting. In addition, recent studies show that drinking orange juice each day will help you lose weight quickly. Photo: Parentinghealthybabies.


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