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Updated on May 26, 2016

Onion are one of the many spices are quite important in the world cooking, such as garlic. Onion Latin name is allium cepa L varascanolicum this is one tuber crops that can grow in tropical, sub-tropical and cold regions. Onion consists of root, umbu, stems, leaves and flowers. Red onions contain folic acid, potassium, fiber and vitamin C. Onion also contains anti-septic and compounds that are bekterisida alliin. Processed of onions are most favored by everyone is fried onions, because it is suitable in thin foods such as soup, stew, meatballs, chicken porridge and other thin foods

In addition to being a flavor enhancer in food ingredients, onion also has several health benefits, including:

1. Treating cholesterol

Red onions contain a substance regulating cholesterol levels in the body. So it is good consumed for cholesterol patients, because as we know. High cholesterol can lead to the arrival of other dangerous diseases, such as coronary heart disease

2. Reduce the risk of diabetes

If you want to prevent diabetes, consume raw onion on routinely. But after 15 minutes later, you should brush your teeth thoroughly to remove leftovers the onion and the aroma of the mouth. Although is not sting like garlic, onion stiil has a distinctive aroma

3. Treating tear wounds

If the legs or other parts of body injured, scratched sharp objects, or maybe a little tear, you do not need to panic and rush to call the doctor. Use only the onion. The trick is:

- Wash the wound thoroughly with warm water

- Dry with a tissue or soft cloth

- Take 3 onion and sugar , then mashed

- After a smooth, put onion mixture and sugar in wounds torn. Then cover it with cotton and then plastered

4. Prevent cancer

onions contain sulfur which is able to combat the entry of cancer cells into the body. By regularly consuming red onion, then you will avoid the risk of cancer is quite dangerous as breast cancer and lung cancer

5. Overcoming sore throat

Cough, runny nose and sore throat can be overcome by using an onion, how:

- Take 2 or 3 onion

- Wash and puree

- Add the sliced ginger and ½ teaspoon of natural honey

- Add also ½ glass warm water

- Drink 2 times a day

6. Treating constipation

Disease constipation can be experienced by a person as a result of the lack of fiber consumption. onion is one of the spices that contain fiber are quite high, so if consumed regularly it will be smooth bowel movement. Not only that, onion also very helpful to get rid of toxins that can inhibit the intestinal work process, if consumed raw – uncooked


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