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5 Mindsets That Will Change Your Life

Updated on August 7, 2015



What is a 'mind-set'?

-Literally a mindset is how you set your mind - the established set of attitudes and ideas that you hold in your mind. The thing is, we often continue through life giving lots of attention to 'doing' things and not so much to the ways we are thinking, or setting our mind. Yet research shows that having a particular mindset can have a radical impact on how we function. Students who understood that intelligence could be improved and had a growth mindset actually performed better than those who were worrying about how clever they were. You can read more by following this link.

Every day whatever we may be doing we will be thinking and those thoughts, which can often play out as an internal commentary on what we do, will have an impact on our performance and every aspect of our lives. So it's worth taking time to make sure that our mind-set will be one that lets us live the life we want.

The 'life is good' mind-set

I am well aware that some people have to cope with a lot more challenges than others, illness, loss, bereavement, stress, conflict, financial worries, redundancy... the list could go on. But I guess we also all know some people whose whole approach to life is negative, and unsurprisingly they seem to attract lots of problems. I am not saying for a minute that people WANT problems but somehow their outlook or mind=set will mean they view almost everything as a problem. It's as if they feel life 'happens' to them. But almost everyone has some degree of control and actually there is a lot in life to smile about. We only have one life and it is up to us to be as happy as we can and enjoy the parts of it we can. Friends, family, home comforts, the beautiful world we live in in, hugs and smiles are great and if you have health, well that is definitely worth smiling about. It is about changing your outlook and amazingly when you do that things actually start to look and feel a bit different.

Nature is beautiful


The 'You're worth it' mind-set

The phrase 'you're worth it' launched an famous and very successful advertising campaign because it is, in fact, true. As a human you have worth and value, whatever lies your past has allowed you to develop or whatever people may try to tell you now, the simple, true fact is YOU ARE WORTH IT!

If when you read that phrase you have a voice that says inside your head that you aren't, everyone else is but you aren't then you need to do a bit of work to change that mindset. You may need help with that but start by looking in the mirror everyday and saying out loud to yourself

"I have worth"

"I have value"

I am a unique individual"

Then repeat it to yourself if at any point during the day when doubt creeps in.

When you truly get this mindset, and start living in it, everything changes - you can stand tall, you don't have to please everyone to gain some sort of validation. You are of value. Full stop.

Every person has value, they deserve to be treated with respect. Tiny babies have value, they count, they deserve to be treated with kindness and consideration, so does everyone whatever age, gender, background or ability level they have.

The 'I deserve success' mind-set

,Closely related to the last one this takes it a step further. Lots of people find they fail repeatedly, or actually sabotage any chance of success. You will hear a lot of talk about fear of failure but in my work as a coach I come across more people that are actually afraid of success. In some ways that is even more scary, success means you will be noticed, it's harder to shrink away, harder to be invisible. That is something that stops a lot of people really embracing success. Often what is at the bottom of this is that deep down people don't believe they deserve success.

The reasons are multiple, they can't work hard enough they aren't 'good' enough, the family tradition says they'll always be the unsuccessful ones. But the good news is that you do deserve success, whatever that means to you. Remember that every successful person experiences some failure but they get up and try again because inside they have a mindset that says they deserve success. And when you do experience success then make sure you celebrate it!

Celebrate Success


The 'It's okay for me to have money' mindset

This particular mindset is responsible for an awful lot of people living a life where they just get by nd never know wealth. Why? Because actually they either believe they never will have money or they think they don't deserve it. I've listed it as a separate mindset because in my experience, people see success as something linked to but a bit different from wealth.

Many people have grown up with people telling them that money is bad - that it changes people - that people don't like people with money, that if you have money you lose friends, again the list could go on. The problem with this mindeset is that it effectively stops you ever having money because actually a part of you will make sure you never have money because essentially it is bad. But guess what? You can change that mindset too! There is nothing evil about money. Greed may be different, people who have money might do evil things but so do people without money.

Do you want more money than you already have? If the answer is yes then it might be time to change your mindset with regard to wealth.

Money Money Money


The 'I'm focussed and determined' mindset

Often people hear comments at school, about the fact they might find it hard to concentrate. Well so what! School is a very particular sort of environment. Some successful people were also successful at school but for others the picture is different. The person who left with no qualifications, perhaps even the class clown may actually become the successful business person.

Think for a minute about times when you find it easy to be focussed - usually doing something that you are interested in, enjoy OR that you know will bring rewards. Almost anyone can be the person who is focussed when they have a goal in mind and are motivated to achieve that goal.

Dwell where you want to live

In terms of thoughts and mind-set you have to start dwelling where you want to live. If you want to be successful fill your thoughts with success. If you want to have money don't let your every waking thought be of debt and lack. The law of attraction simply means that we will attract what we resonate with. It doesn't mean that if you have a worried thought or a thought of failure that is what you will attract think rather what are your thoughts full of? Think about some of the positive happy people you know - are they people who constantly talk about the disasters that befall them? I expect not.

Changing your mind-set is possible it my take a bit of time and effort but it is possible. At first try just to make a mental effort to stop the negative thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. When you catch yourself thinking, saying something negative about yourself refute it with a truth.

If you need a bit of inspiration try reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne a must read for anyone wanting to change their mind-set.


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