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Updated on May 26, 2016

Mosquitoes become one of the animals who hated by humans. Besides annoying, mosquitoes can also bring the disease to humans. For example, dengue fever, chikungunya, elephantiasis and malaria. Mosquitoes are small insects black or grey. In addition, usually, there are white patches all over his body. This type of mosquito is very dangerous. Mosquitoes like stagnant water because that place it can multiply quickly. Mosquitoes also really liked dirty place, dark and dense vegetation or grass. Do not hang your dirty clothes in large quantities, because it can become mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes have two wings and six legs long enough. It felt very annoying when we were relaxing or sleeping, then a mosquito arrived buzzing ears. It makes uncomfortable and disturbed.

To make disease-carrying mosquitoes can go away, here are some of the types of plants that could be an option to be planted around your home:

1. Flowers Geranium

Not only as an ornamental plant, geraniums was also effective to repel mosquitoes. These flowers can be planted directly in the ground, can also be planted in pots. The aroma is fragrant disliked by mosquitoes. So mosquitoes will go away by itself. Even Geranium used as a natural ingredient of famous anti masquito lotion in Indonesia. Geraniums are used together with two other natural materials, the leaves of lemongrass and orange peel

2. Basil

Basil is a herb that is often used as a complementary foodstuffs. However it can also to be use repel mosquitoes because the rich aroma, could make the mosquito faint

3. Lavender

Purple flowers are gorgeous and comes from the Alps contains lynalylacetate with a fragrant aroma that can make mosquito felt dizzy and went away. Lavender flowers are also often used as aromatherapy in the room

4. Interest chicken droppings

Although it has a bright color, beautiful and attractive. This flower has a scent is not pleasant, foul and stinging. Perhaps that is why mosquitoes do not like this flower that is suitable to be grown as an ornamental in between the fence of the house.

5. Leaves lemongrass

If you want to cook food fry milk or making herbal medicine, not complete if we do not use Leaves lemongrass as complementary. But not only meat lemongrass, leaves also proved beneficial. But specific to repel mosquitoes. Lemongrass leaves contain substances that resemble a contact poison. if mosquitoes approached and touched the leaves of lemongrass, the mosquitoes will die from the poison quickly spread throughout his body.

6. Tree suren

This tree is very high and often there in the fields or in the garden farmers. This tree can ward off pests and insects that can interfere with plant growth. The tree is also effective to repel mosquitoes couse leaves, bark and the trunk of this tree has a strong aroma and sharp so disliked by mosquitoes


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