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Get 6 pack abs the simple way

Updated on August 31, 2009

Truth about getting 6 pack abs

 So many people out there want to hear that getting 6 pack abs is easy. People want to believe that getting 6 pack abs can be achieve simply by taking a pill or doing 3 minutes a day on some fancy machine. People want to hear that you can simply buy something that will do all the work for them.

Well the truth is that if a person wants 6 pack abs than they need to work hard at it. First and foremost if you want 6 pack abs you need to realize that it is a muscle group. The way you will get your abs visible is by burning fat and the way you get them stronger is by training them.

So just remember that if you want 6 pack abs than you need to burn fat and train them hard. If you do this and stick with it you will have 6 pack abs very soon.

Routine to get 6 pack abs

Whether you are a guy/girl wanting 6 pack abs you will have to burn fat. If you burn fat sooner or later your 6 pack abs will soon appear. Follow the cardio and AB routine below and soon you yourself will have 6 pack abs.

Cardio- To get 6 pack abs you need to do cardio and a quite a bit of it. Try to walk on the treadmill at a comfortable pace for about 45 minutes. If you feel up to it try to ride the Bike machine for about 30-40 minutes or do the elliptical machine for around 20-30 minutes. Pick one of these exercises to do and do them once a day. If you do not have access to these machines than simply walk outside or up and down some stairs or go for a light jog fr 20-45 minutes.

AB routine- To get 6 pack abs you need to work on your abs and work on your abs hard. To get 6 pack abs start off by doing crunches and perform them slowly for as many reps as you can and for about 3 sets. If you can only perform 10 reps than just do it and do not get discourage. Next you will be performing side crunches for as many reps and as you can and for about 3 sets, nice and slowly. Now finish up with some leg raises, again nice and slowly and for as many reps as you can and for about 3 sets. Try to perform 3-5 sets for each AB exercise that you do.

No easy way to getting 6 pack abs

As mentioned earlier there is no easy way to getting the 6 pack abs that many people dream of. It is simple you do the hard work and soon you will get 6 pack abs. Many people have a hard time sticking with a routine and they give up after a few weeks. You need to stick with a routine and stick with it for sometime and than change your routine. Doing this will keep your routine fresh and your ABS guessing.

Remember to do the above routine 3-4 days a week and you will be on your way to getting 6 pack abs in no time flat.


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