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6 Tips to Help You Remember

Updated on December 2, 2017
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You can follow Sarah Williams on Twitter on @SWilliamsLondon. She is a mum, loves books, hiking and the online universe.

Sometimes I think I have the worst memory in the world. If someone asks me for something I'll forget what it was in about 3 seconds and I'll end up having to ask what they wanted again. This might not be a big deal for most people, but it is annoying and I feel frustrated when this happens, that's why I wanted to find some tricks to make my memory better and remember things for as long as I need to.

Your brain needs exercising after all. I remember when I was in school I was really good with math operations because we trained that every single day for about 10 minutes, the whole class together. Now it is much more difficult because I'm not used to it. Also, the fact that new technologies and apps replace the need of remembering things like phone numbers, birthdays or even appointments, make things simpler in a way, but worst for our memory faculties.

Memorising is not a matter of theory but practice, so here you have 5 tips to improve your memory that have been really helpful for me:

Use your imagination and repeat things a few times in your head

If you picture what you need to remember, it will be much easier for your brain to keep that information to use it later. Let's say you need to go to the market and buy ingredients for a soup, if you picture yourself during the cooking process it might be easier to know which vegetables you need to buy so you don't forget any of them.

Have you noticed that usually when you order at a restaurant the waiter will repeat your order back to you? This is not only to make sure that he got it right but also to ensure that the order is printed in his brain and he doesn't forget.

Exercise your body

Yes, once again, exercising your body it is really important for many reasons like keeping yourself healthy, keeping your weight under control, feeling happier, but also it increases your memory and helps to avoid memory problems when we get older.

Incorporate meditation in your day routine

It helps to increase your memory capacity, your reading comprehension and your ability to stay focus beyond any distractions that may surround you. It makes sense, because after all, that's what meditation is, a way of isolating yourself from everything else.

Have an active social life

People with good friendships, who keep their social life alive are more likely to remember things better. It's a continuous training, as when you meet new people you make the effort to don't forget their names or any other important details so you'll be able to have a conversation the next time your paths cross. And the more you see them, the more info you need to keep in your head if you want to develop a strong relationship.

Play memory games

A lot of people understands the importance of exercising their bodies because they know how important is to be healthy and feel and look good. It's the same with your brain, you need to train it in order to be able to remember things and become smarter. One of my favourite games is Sudoku, not only because it is a challenge but because the more you play it, the easier it gets to spot results. Memory game cards usually used for children are also an excellent option to train your memory.

Sleep and rest well

Getting your 8 hours sleep it is as important as any other trick. It's been proven that while we sleep we consolidate relevant information in our memory, erasing those facts that are not worth it.

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