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The 5 Shocking Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Updated on August 24, 2015

There is coffee just about everywhere we go. Must people can't get through their daily schedules without it! It is what keeps people going through the day and is used so commonly. There are some great advantages that come with drinking coffee, listed below are 5 benefits to drinking coffee.

Benefits The Liver

Drinking one cup of coffee each day can decrease risk for having liver disease. It is also great for those who are recovering from alcoholism, because of the positive effects coffee has on the liver. Think of coffee as a special protector for the liver.

Decrease Effects Of Parkinson's Disease

Drinking coffee may have a very positive effect on people that have Parkinson's disease or those who are trying to prevent having it, because it may help control movement and actions that are being made.

Improves Mood

Coffee contains high amounts of antioxidants and caffiene that may improve your mood throughout the day. Drinking coffee may also decrease risks of having depression and increases a positive moods.

Increase Intelligence

Drinking coffee may help the brain and improve the functions needed to complete tasks. The key is the caffiene in the coffee. The caffiene helps with memory, mood, improving time and other basic brain functions. It will make you very alert and well focused while learning as well.

Improve Athletic Performance

Drinking coffee before a workout may increase your level of performance and endurance. The amounts of caffiene also increase amounts of fatty acids in the blood stream, which can later be burned during a workout. Just know that coffee is also dehydrating and should not be relied on by itself.

Now you know why coffee is such a life-saver for people. Just know that if you want any of these benefits that come from drinking coffee, then for best results you should have coffee that is non-flavored and low amounts of sugar. Also know that if you have severe health issues, it would of course not be wise to only turn to coffee, and you should consult your doctor. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have below.


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