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7 Cases of Plastic Surgery Gone Horrible

Updated on October 24, 2017
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Joseph is an information technology enthusiast with interest in medical engineering and science disciplines.


In the world of fame and beauty, youthful appearance is golden egg that every celebrity yearns for. Over time, though, the skin gives in to life beatings and the effects of an advancing age. This is where a surgeon’s knife comes into the picture.

Basically, cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure undertaken to enhance a person’s appearance. It doesn’t necessarily have to be done to correct a physical defect but just to improve looks. It can be done on the face, the neck and even the rest of the body. If successful, cosmetic surgery leaves the patient aesthetically appealing and generally more confident.

Cosmetic surgery gone wrong

Talking of success and failures in cosmetic surgeries, a number of celebrities have come out of the theater with an appearance worse than what they were seeking to enhance. In this guide, here are 7 celebrities whose good looks were ruined by cosmetic surgery.

  1. Tara Reid

When the celebrated the Sharknado star checked in to a clinic for some breast enhancement, she was hoping to have the best bum a woman can have. By the end of the procedure, though, she was left shaking her head of what the whole process turned out to be. To her, her breasts was completely 'butchered'.

2.Donatella Versace

Donatella is perhaps the best example of how horrible cosmetic surgery can be if it goes wrong. Versace lower lip is far larger than the lower lips, which isn't often the case. Her skin, too, appears waxy and distended where it should have been shiny and attractive.

3. Jocelyn Wildenstein
4. La Toya Jackson

5. Scott Thompson
6. Amanda Lepore
7. Lil Kim

Before her life changing surgery, Kimberly Jones was the epitome of beauty at its best. As her popularity hit the roof top, she opted to undertaken some surgery to enhance her skin tone.

Unfortunately, the cheek implants, nose job, eye surgery, and breast implants ended up making her totally unrecognizable and even less attractive. In a past interview, Lil admitted that the bungled surgery affected her self-esteem negatively.

8. Michael Jackson

Well, the legendary Michael Jackson had an obsession with looks. Though he didn't have an awful procedure but, at least, his nose job gave him lots of problems and scrutiny.

A Dr. Wallace Goodstein, who once worked with Michael Jackson's doctor admitted that the pop idol had up to 12 surgeries in just two years. Largely, these were to fix the nose problems.

Bottom Line

This list isn't exhaustive but in all ways represents the worse case scenarios of cosmetic surgery gone bad. Don't to share your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.


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