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7 Causative Factors of Depression.

Updated on May 17, 2017

Have you ever suffered mood changes that lasted for more than two days? If you have, you may be a candidate of depression. Basically, depression is a mood disorder that lasts for up to a period of 2 weeks. Depression often affects how an individual handles their day to day activities hence affects mood and general outlook. Did you know that approximately 121 million people globally, in one way or another battle depression?

Statistics show that people suffering from depression are usually affected on how they behave, feel and think. This may also include a change in activities which were recently done normally.


The 7 Causes Of Depression.

The following 7 factors pose a high likelihood of depression, they include;

i. Drugs and substance abuse. Alcoholics and drug addicts contribute to 30% of people suffering from major or clinical depression.

ii. Chronic illnesses. Depression goes side by side with serious illnesses whereby it is triggered when the sick person doesn’t see any improvement in their health.

iii. Major events. Both good and bad events lead to depression. They may include winning a lottery, relocating to another place, loss of jobs and also graduating.

iv. Death. The thought of having lost a loved one and knowing that you’ll never get to see them again results to grief, though natural, it tends to bring about depression

v. Abuse. Emotional, physical and sexual abuse contributes highly to depression. These past abuses usually come back to haunt the victim making them vulnerable to depression.

vi. Conflict. This arises where someone is prone to biological vulnerability hence when disputes with family members or arguments with friends arises, leaves the person disturbed hence leading to depression.

vii. Other personal problems. Being cast out of the society due to a mental illness or being shunned by family members may increase the risk of getting depression.

Tips to Treating Diabetes

There is a wide variety of treatment options when diagnosed with depression. It may be medication or physiotherapy but sometimes both are used.

Don't forget medication can either be in herbal form or the synthetic medicine provided in most government institutions.

Where depression fails to respond to medication, an approach like talk therapy is introduced to go hand in hand with it, this largely depends on the kind of problems and symptoms one is facing.

Have You, In the Past, Suffered from Depression?

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Wrapping it up

Depression can affect any individual depending on their existing environs, their interactions and even their health status. The key to remaining safe is eating healthy meals, interacting with people who can help you and learning to cope with everyday stress.


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    • mchllhwgt profile image

      Michelle How 11 months ago

      My alcoholic mother was as in a bad way with depression. She was in a vicious cycle that she just couldn't get out of.