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7 Life Changing Questions

Updated on October 29, 2015
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Elysia Valdivia lives in Northern Colorado. She enjoys yoga, walks in nature with her dogs, and sharing/exchanging thoughts with others.


Question Everything

“Question Everything” is an often quoted slogan dissected from various other quotes. It is indeed a good practice. When we become stagnant in our lives, it is most likely attributed toward our ceasing to question the status quo.

That said, here are 7 essential questions everyone should ask before they die:

Shall We Dance?

This very question brings back memories of teenage angst. The shaky knees, sweaty palms and butterflies in the stomach like feeling. Remember feeling so damn awkward? All these other questions churning in your mind; “What if he/she says no?”

Well, What if he/she says “no"? Will you recover from it? Probably.

But what if he/she says yes? You might have a really good time getting your groove on. Maybe you won't see each other again, but you will have that lovely memory! You might be bold enough to get a number and become text-friends. This could potentially lead to date or two. You may have even found your life partner! But you will never know unless, you ask that first question: “Shall we dance?”

How Beneficial are my Current Relationships?

Not only do we benefit from reviewing the state of romantic relationships from time to time, we would do ourselves some good to take an inventory of all our relationships. Sometimes we have to break up with a friend because the dynamics of that relationship is no longer useful to either party. Sometimes it is just downright toxic.

If you find you have to let go of a family member, consider the possibility of this being temporary. You both might just need some time to grow apart from one another. In most cases, after the growth, both parties experience a completely new and better relationship. Though, sometimes the bond is broken for good.

Now about romantic relationships, well they are always more complex. Aside from the obvious; physical or emotional abuse or cheating, sometimes we just find the relationship is no longer growing. This can be good cause for a temporary separation that will actually strengthen each partner, and then the relationship as a whole. But as said above, sometimes the separation is permanent.

Will you Marry Me?

Ah yes!! One should ask this question at least once in a lifetime, whether you are a child, teen or an adult.

Whatever age you are, it is the ulitmate high to want to spend the rest of your life with someone else. At the point of asking this question, tomorrow doesn’t even matter. Nothing matters but your wild proclamation of adoration for the one who owns your heart. This is where you throw all caution to the wind for your true love.

Sometimes, this question will even lead to marriage. Imagine that! But you must be bold enough to ask, not caring about anyone else's opinion. Because when the rubber meets the road, there are only two essential people involved.


May I Please Have a Raise/Promotion?

Sometimes we need to do a little research before asking a question. This is entirely accurate in the case of asking for a raise/promotion. You must know your worth in order to engage in this type of negotiation. But you are ready to ask once you have fully, researched back-up.

We are naive if we assume that our employer has the time to take a good look at all the responsibilities we have accumulated over the year or years. This is when we have to step up for ourselves. Sometimes we just have to toot our own horn.

The answer might be no. The answer might be not now. But the answer might be a resounding yes and then you might be surprised how quickly you begin to start making the money you deserve.

This is a question we all must ask at some point in life. Even if it is just for the sake of checking it off a bucket list.

Do I Need All This Stuff?

More inventory. But inventories are good. You find out what you need and what you don’t. Have you ever felt smothered in your own home? Chances are you have too much stuff. Things accumulate over the years; gifts, impulse buys, and items you are too afraid to toss.

The minimalist movement is on the rise. People are buying smaller homes and being more conscious of their ecological footprint. Inflation is making it more necessary to live on a limited budget. We could all benefit from having less material items swimming around us.

The Japanese have many programs in regard to organizing your life. In addition, the Chinese art of Feng Shui is well known and practiced throughout the world. There are actual consultants that will come into your home and help you de-clutter your life.YouTube is also an excellent resource along with various lifestylewebsites.

After participating in a de-cluttering process, you will once again be able to breathe in your own home.

Can I afford to take this life-changing trip to___?

The better question might be, “Can I afford not to?” We all have some destination that appeals to our innermost selves. It could be a tropical island, a Swedish chalet, Paris, London, even the desert.

When we ask ourselves this question, we will be amazed at all the creativity we possess. Garage sales, donating plasma cells, cutting the shopping and meals/entertainment budgets. This one question will set off a whole slew of entrepreneurial skills. Because we now have a significant goal.

Goals are a great way to make things happen. They are the motivating factor in achieving our dreams. A life changing trip might not even be as expensive as you think. It is when we push off asking this question that we assume the impossibility of taking said trip. So go ahead, ask.


Dream Destination

What is Your Dream Destination?

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Does God Exist?

This could possibly be the most profound question we will ask. It is indeed a necessary one. The answer will take much personal research whether it is while you are eating crackers and drinking juice at Sunday school, attending a youth tent revival or staying at an ashram in your 30’s.

This is an answer you will have to find on your own. It is easy to get swayed from answer to the other. This is not a bad thing at all. Many wonderful things have happened to spiritual people during a crisis of faith.

If you find for yourself that the answer is no, then you will feel confident enough knowing you have done your due diligence.

Go ahead, ask.

Well there you have it. Can you identify with one question on this list? Do you dare to ask any one of these questions? Good, I thought so! Happy questioning!


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