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7 Fitness tips

Updated on September 27, 2012

Fitness is nothing but the ability to meet the demands of your daily life plus one emergency. Most people don't pay much attention to fitness. For many people running after money is more important then looking after health. Stress and anxiety is affecting the health badly. The best time to start looking after your fitness is NOW. There is never too late. There are few small things which you can add to your daily routine which can make a huge difference in long term. Fitness should be a habit.

Many people feel very reluctant to daily workout. They find exercising boring. There is no enthusiasm behind their action. They don't love to exercise. If you are one of them then find out how you can make this experience more interesting. Here are few suggestions:

  • Find out which exercise you would like to do regularly. Do you like swimming? Do you like long walks? Do you like jogging? Would you like to join a Gym? Do only what you love. If you like Badminton or Tennis then go for it. You only need some physical movements regularly that's all.
  • There is no need to do any particular exercise. Do anything but do it consistently. Don't take a gap. If you take a gap of 3-4 days then it becomes difficult to start again. Even if you do 10 minutes workout it is ok but you should do it regularly. I go to jim regularly since 6 years without a single holiday except Sundays.
  • Keep it simple and easy. There is no need of doing complicated and difficult workout. Don't overdo, see what is best suitable for you. See if you can easily breathe in and out through your nose and you’re working within your target heart rate. Easy is right. Simply walking for 2 KM can change your life and improve your fitness. Lao Tzu said, "A 100o miles journey begins with a single step".
  • A little weight training is good to tone up your muscles. There are best Home Gyms available in the market. If you Buy a Home Gym than it will be beneficial to all your family members and you can exercise together. There will be lot of fun. Your children will be programmed to exercise regularly.
  • Warm up before you do any heavy exercise. Add stretching to your daily workouts. You can also do some yoga postures and exercises. Your body will become more flexible.
  • Whenever possible use stairs instead of lifts. See how you could convert your regular activities into exercise. Walk whenever possible.
  • Add meditation and breathing exercises to your workout. Pranayama is very good for health. There are some easy Pranayama exercises and you can find them on Youtube. Just do Bhastrika and Anulom Vilome. You can find lots of information about this through google. Since this post is not about Pranayama I will not discuss about it here.
  • Practice visualization. You can cure many disorders simply by visualization techniques. Begin to visualize stronger heart, stronger leaver, stronger kidney and you will get it. You can also increase or reduce your body mass by using visualization and affirmation techniques. Things become easier when you SEE them in your mind before doing them in reality.


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