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7 Goodness of Habbatus Sauda Oil

Updated on November 6, 2010

 Benefits of Habbatus sauda oil is extensive and covers many aspects. It also causes Habbatus sauda oil can be taken daily practices for the continued health. Among the Habbatus sauda oil properties if you want to say one by one among them:

1. Various nutrition

Benefits of Habbatus sauda Oil is the first in terms of nutrition. Nigella Sativa is rich in:

monosaccharide glucose, xylosa, polysaccharide

unsaturated fatty acids (unsaturated essential fatty acids, EFA). EFA is the major source of nutrition and can not be produced by the body

Amino acids that form proteins, calcium, iron, etc.

2. Strengthen the immune system

There are studies that have been made by Saudi Arabia to find the Habbatus sauda oil properties in improving the immune system (resistance to fight diseases). Thus it may be interested in controlling cancer, AIDS and other related diseases.

3. Anti-histamine

Benefits of Habbatus sauda Oil is the next anti-histamine. Histamine is a substance released of dead cells in the body that causes allergic effects (allergy). Habbatus sauda Oil contains no material prevents protein kinase C, an inducer of histamine production. Due to the common asthma have allergies, Habbatus sauda is likely either to be taken continuously by patients with asthma.

4. Anti-tumor

In-vitro studies have found that the Habbatus sauda oil properties are in preventing tumor cell formation. Therefore, Habbatus sauda, both used to help prevent cancer.

5. Anti-bacterial

Research in search of Habbatus sauda oil nutritional found that it has anti-bacterial activity. It is capable of controlling bacteria like E. coli, V. cholera and Shigella species. This gives the meaning of Habbatus sauda Oil is good for those suffering from diseases such as diarrhea and other stomach problems.

6. Anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammation)

Benefits of Habbatus sauda oil is next in reducing inflammation (swelling). Thus, the Habbatus sauda is good for asthma patients (to reduce inflammation in the lungs), eczema (allergy that causes itching, etc..) And arthritis (swollen joints).

7. Encourage milk production

Combination of hormones and fat found in Habbatus sauda that causes milk production in breastfeeding mothers increases


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      5 years ago

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      Abdul Ganiyu Adeniran 

      5 years ago

      Dear Sirs,

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      6 years ago

      it's a good information . :)


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