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8 Great Ways to find Inspiration

Updated on March 26, 2016


It’s always easier to work hard, go the extra mile or make an extra effort when you feel inspired. When you are inspired motivation never seems to be a problem, though many of us also know that there are times when we don't feel inspired and when that happens you have two choices, sit back and wait to feel inspired once again OR go and seek out some inspiration. If you wait for inspiration to come along, you could be waiting a long time. So here are some easy ways to seek out inspiration – don’t wait for it happen. make the effort to seek out inspiration for yourself and it will be bear fruit in your productivity and motivation.


Take some of the people that you admire and simply immerse yourself in finding out about them. What habits do they have? What was their inspiration? Try reading biographies, or quotes – find out about their philosophy. What led them to do what they did? Was it all plain sailing for them, did they face challenges just like you, possibly even greater challenges, did they win through in the end?

There is also an extensive range of books which can literally change the way you see things, in other words your mind set, or give you knowledge which can challenge you, make you think and generally be an inspiration. Nowadays with ebooks and kindles there also lots of helpful downloadable books and you can have them on your phone and tablet then quite literally they can be with you pretty much all of the time.


Thanks to the internet there is no shortage of information on practically any topic. So whatever it is you are struggling with at the moment – others have probably faced similar difficulties. There are also instructional videos, radio podcasts, webinars, and full blown audio courses which you can listen to and find inspiration from. But of course there is also music – I must say I find music quite inspirational sometimes the words of song will really get me thinking or at other times, especially if I am mulling over an problem or wondering about a decision I find some of my favourite classical pieces really helpful, I am not distracted by words but the music can be inspiring.


I love a whole range of different genres when it comes to ‘watching’ though if I am wanting to be inspired I will either enjoy human interest stories, either films or documentaries about people who have battled the odds – recent films like Spotlight – may have a dark and distressing side but the actual tale was about the people who determined to seek justice and fight on behalf of victims. I also enjoy real life tales – anything from a renovation project to a cookery competition – I am inspired by the dedication people show in order to achieve their goals. It’s always going to be an individual preference but I find when I want to be inspired – or am at least open to inspiration it can show up in all sorts of ways.

Mix with People who Inspire You

Networking is an important part of many business and the focus may change from meeting to meeting. Sometimes it is YOU wanting to tell others about your business or at other times you may be finding out about other goods and services which may be of use to you in your business. But don’t forget about the people. I often pick at few companies that are really experiencing success and make a point of chatting to the business owners and finding out from them what I want to know – like what contributed to making their company successful or even how they managed a particular aspect of business or perhaps what they would do differently if they were starting now. In my experience lots of successful business owners are very happy to share their knowledge if asked and it can be an awful lot cheaper that coaching! Within your circle of friends talk to the people who you respect those who maybe possess a skill or even quality that you would like to emulate – spend time with them, talk to them and learn from them.

The Awesome Earth

But as well as being inspired by actively seeking inspiration I sometimes find that time alone, especially in the great outdoors is very inspirational. I’m not saying it isn’t if you are with others but time alone is great for thinking and that combined with being close to nature, whether it is in the countryside, by the ocean, or even in a nearby park or your own back yard can be a source of inspiration. There is something about nature that many find inspiring – so make time and see if that works for you as well.

Get Creative

I know some people will say that to be creative you may need to be inspired but creativity itself can often be inspirational. Whether it is painting, drawing, taking photographs, sewing, making cards, or even some sort of cookery, the creative process will often allow time for your mind to be open to inspiration while you are actually being creative. If you find it is a while since you have been involved in any creative idea start with something simple but do give it a try and you may well find that you feel inspired, not just about the creative project but about all sorts of other things as well.

Follow Great Leaders

Maybe not literally but one of the great things about social media means we can follow people we admire professionally on Face book or twitter or any of the other platforms. I deliberately follow people on twitter that I know post quotes and links that I find both helpful and inspirational. I might only be looking at my phone while I wait for a train or wait to meet someone but sometimes I come across a quote that will make a difference to my whole day.

Inspirational Rituals

People are different but whether it is meditation, mindfulness, yoga or tapping find something which allows you to not only recharge you batteries a bit but re focus yourself and gain more inspiration. For me it happens to be EFT tapping that seems to open the door to new ideas and creative ‘out of the box’ thoughts – you know those ‘light bulb’ moments that can make you change direction or alter the way you are approaching something. But I know for others it is meditation or any one of a number of other rituals. The important thing is probably to make sure that you don’t become so busy chasing your goals that you forget to allow time for a bit of inspiration to flow into your life


I suppose it is true of many things- if you are looking for and open to inspiration then you will probably find some – almost whatever you do. However if you want to be inspired trying any of the activities above will definitely help – and before you start to say you are too busy many of these can be done in very short time, it is a question of setting the intention that is important. Do you want to be inspired If yes then you will find the time and be prepared to make a little effort and then once inspired you will be more likely to follow through and take action.


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    • Sheila Mulvenney profile image

      sheila 20 months ago from Bedford

      Thanks for reading and for your kind words

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 20 months ago

      Along with those great 8 ideas of inspiration your final words are added advantage. Thanks Sheila for sharing a wonderful hub.