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7 Health Benefits of Yogurt

Updated on March 14, 2013

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is a diary product produced from milk obtained from some animals. It is a widely accepted diary product throughout the world. Many people consumes yogurt mainly because of its refreshing taste but only a few people know that this diary product also has many health benefits. Some of these benefits are considered in this article.

  1. 1. Yogurt helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria (probiotics) called lactobacteria. These bacteria help with certain gastrointestinal conditions like constipation, diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease. These friendly bacteria help in maintaining proper GIT by deactivating harmful substances. Also yogurt contains calcium. This compound prevents excess growth of the cells lining the colon. Calcium also binds with bile acids that cause the irritation of GIT wall and cancer. It has been shown that people that consume diets rich in calcium have lower rates of colorectal cancer.

  1. 2. Yogurt helps improve bones.

Yogurt is rich in vitamin D and calcium. These two are necessary for maintaining healthy bones. Vitamin D may not be naturally found in yogurt but some companies producing yogurt add it. Vitamin D and calcium are both efficient in preventing disease conditions like osteoporosis.

  1. 3. Yogurt may help lower blood pressure.

Yogurt is rich in potassium—a compound that helps to lower blood pressure. Potassium helps in controlling blood pressure and heart rate and it is also an important constituent of cell and body fluid.

  1. 4. Yogurt helps boost body immunity.

This function may be due to the presence of probiotics in yogurt. Probiotics have been associated with improved immune system functions. A test was done to know the effect of yogurt on the immune system and this test showed that yogurt containing probiotics can enhance immunity.

  1. 5. Yogurt is effective in the treatment of diarrhoea.

Diarrhoea mostly occurs as a result of bacterial infection. Probiotics have been used in the treatment of various infections caused by bacteria and one example of this is diarrhoea. It has been suggested that the presence of probiotics in yogurt can help treat diarrhoea but much is still required to be done in order to ascertain this.

  1. 6. Yogurt curbs hunger.

Taking yogurt after food in the morning can help one stays hunger free for a long time during the day. Yogurt contain high amount of protein which fill your stomach and make you stay for longer time without food.

  1. 7. Yogurt is a good source of mineral and vitamins.

Many companies producing yogurts fortify it with vitamins and mineral supplements. Yogurt contains vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B12. Minerals like potassium, zinc, phosphorus, riboflavin and iodine are also present in yogurt. This makes it an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Other health benefits associated with yogurt are

  • Yogurt prevents bad breath.
  • Yogurt improves skin condition.
  • Yogurt can lower cholesterol.
  • Yogurt helps with digestion
  • Yogurt helps in the treatment of some intestinal infections.

With all these health benefits associated with yogurt, it is advisable you increase yogurt intake. You may also take it in lieu of common milk products.


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