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7 Important Safety Tips for the Workplace

Updated on July 31, 2014

Every year there are thousands of workers that get injured while doing their jobs. Worse, there are hundreds who get killed while in the workplace. This quite alarming that is why it is important to always consider one’s safety as you go about your work.

This is especially through if your job falls under the high risk category such as construction, mining, factory production, and others. It only means you have to put extra effort and care to make sure you are always safe.

Here are the 7 important safety tips every worker should keep in mind.

1. Always be alert.

You should always be on the lookout for anything that might cause you harm. Sometimes it pays to be a bit paranoid when it comes to your safety. Always double check if the safety procedures or precautions have been followed before you proceed with your work. Remember that just one simple mistake may lead to a big accident.

2. Be in good shape.

If you’re not feeling well, do not report for work. No amount of a day’s worth of salary can compensate for your own safety. Even if you have health insurance, just think about all the hassle you will go through should you get into even a bit of trouble or injury. It’s just not worth it.

3. Use the right safety equipment or gear.

If you are issued a hard hat, a coat, a pair of gloves, or a pair of work boots then by all means wear them all the time. Oftentimes your safety begins with what you are wearing or using. Your safety gear will protect your body from any harm and at the very least, reduces any risk of injury. The same goes with your tools and equipment, like the use of a mobile tower scaffolding during construction or repairs.


4. Learn from history.

Check if there has been a history of accidents in your work area. How did they happen? Who was at fault? Was it caused by human or mechanical error? Often it pays to be well-informed even before you even lift a single figure to do your job. You may also check the health and safety statistics in your area.

5. Take regular breaks.

There is a good reason why your company gives you a break time. It allows you to rest and recharge yourself so you will be in great form to continue with your work. Not taking your break is a bad idea because if you’re not properly rested, you’ll be more prone to accidents and injuries.


6. Learn from others.

If you're new to the company or your job, take your training very seriously. Watch how your co-workers proceed with their tasks and learn from them. In case you're an old hat, it never hurts to attend a work safety seminar or training. You may also request such a training from your employer should you see a need for it.

7. Be proactive.

Should you notice any health hazard in your work that has not been addressed by your supervisor or your company, then bring it up to their attention. Don’t turn a blind eye away from it because you may never know, but an accident may occur either to you or one of your fellow workers because of that one potential hazard you’ve noticed earlier. It is usually a great idea to anticipate or prevent an accident than to help an injured person.

Keep Safe. Always.

So there you have it. These are the work safety tips you should follow for your own good. A safe workplace begins with you. You need the alertness and the right information related to your job to help keep yourself and your co-workers free from any injuries.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      It also important to follow the rules and regulations of the company/workplace. these are in place sop that employees are safe. Moreover, it is important to report accidents and near misses so that the company can take immediate action.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Great stuff --- think think think sounds corny but it is worth it.