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7 Problems In Your House Getting You Itchy Eczema

Updated on August 11, 2013

Eczema sufferers are allergic to a wide variety of substances outdoors. However, most people think their house is completely safe. There are lots of problem in your house giving your itchy eczema.

Most people think that as soon as they arrive home, it’s the safest place in the world free of allergens.

However, that’s more of a “make yourself feel better” while at the same time “doing yourself more harm”, which would you rather want?

Let me identify 7 common household problems that could be making your eczema itch.

1. Fragrances/Perfumes

That habitual spray of deodorant, spice or perfume every time you step out of your house, I agree it smells nice and attracts people.

However, that spray is packed with all sorts of chemicals and artificial smells getting you high.

Solution? Switch to organic products.

2. Lotion

Yes, you read that right. The lotion that you’re using for moisturizing your skin is probably packed with all sorts of chemicals.

I’ve been using the Vaseline Intensive Care made for dry skin lotion for almost 2 years and I just found out few months ago that most of the ingredients were chemicals I couldn’t even pronounce!

Solution? I switched to petroleum jelly. For you, you could substitute with purely natural products. Actually, you should check out alternative treatments for eczema.

3. Shampoo/Body Wash

These cleansing tools have the same problem with fragrances and lotions, because they are full of fake stuff that temporarily give you a relief.

In fact, you’re just going to get addicted with using chemicals which means you will help the companies make more money.

I’ve stopped using shampoos ever since my recovery from eczema.

4. Humidity

If the humidity levels in your house are too high or too low, make sure you install an air humidifier and dehumidifier to balance it out.

Or else, you’re going to get seasonal itches.

5. Temperature

For the same concept with humidity, whenever you get indoors, make sure you turn up or turn down the temperature with your air conditioner so you don’t get all the inflammatory responses due to your environment.

6. Bedding

Your bed is filled with house dust mites. They are not entirely harmful but their excrement contains a protein that the skin is prone to be sensitive towards.

Solution? Wash your bedding in high temperatures (at least 60 degrees) every month or heck, even weeks.

Do you use steroids for eczema?

I once did, until I discovered the whole story behind these fast-acting drugs.

Here's an answer on whether you should really use cortisone creams for eczema. It's important.

7. Air

The air that you breathe in every second is supposedly just for giving you oxygen to survive.

But, did you know that in urbanized cities, the normal air is contaminated with:

  • Chemical pollutants
  • Animal dander
  • Pet hair
  • Dust
  • Pollen

...and almost everything else that your eczema could be allergic to?

Solution? Install an air purifier and air cleaner.


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