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7 Quick Weight Loss Food Subs

Updated on December 18, 2013


Healthy is different for every body type.

So what is a healthy look for you is your beautiful, and vice versa, none of us are the same!

Health is a valuable commodity, yet many of us neglect it in the pursuit of wealth, and pleasure, only to realize at some point in our lives that without our health we can't make money or have a good time.

You normally hear people say we spend our health pursuing money only to turn around and spend the money to regain our health.

It doesn't have to be! The question is, "is it possible to strike a balance between the two? Yes!

We must find a balance to enjoy our lives, everything about our lives.

There are tons of reasons with scientific documentation to back up why the body needs certain things to remain healthy and youthful.

Yet it is the balance between moving and natural nutrition that keeps us living an optimal life.

Balance in this day and age is almost a curse, because we have become a global society and need to keep our finger on the pulse of things.

Actually, with all the advancement of technology, we have been lax in teaching how best to live with all the 24/7 bombardment of TV, radio and commercialism.

Heart of it all
Heart of it all | Source


Problems always arise when things are 'OUT of BALANCE', did i shout, sorry but that is where stress comes in, and wrecks havoc in our lives, because we feel as if there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

That is easily remedied by analyzing and listing, PRIORITIES!

Yes you have to look at what is most important to you.

Females tend to let this slip by them, trouble with that is if/when they fall apart everything they are juggling crumbles into chaos.

So females especially need to take care of themselves, yet this applies to everybody who wants to be healthy, and not just physically.

Once priorities are set, make a chore list, days, hours and time. Then go ahead and set the goals to accomplish these necessary tasks.

Operative word is necessary!

Some chores don't need to be done everyday, every week etc.

Balance nutrition

Unless you are allergic, it is best to eat your way through the rainbow, of nutritional natural foods that are as close to their God created state as possible.

  1. Water
  2. Dairy
  3. Seafood
  4. Meat, eggs
  5. Nuts
  6. Seeds
  7. Veges, spices, herbs

Every herb, or plant has a purpose and can be beneficial to the physical body! Everything we eat should offer us something beneficial to optimize our health and well being!

Vegan lifestyle is optional.

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Balance movement

The truth of the matter is no matter how much hype you hear on the news, TV, radio or from celebrity endorsements, any type of moderate movement, not necessarily exercise makes an impact on the human anatomy.

  • Moderate
  • Intense
  • Interval
  • Aerobic
  • Strength

It is proven that you can exercise as much as 10 minutes at a time and still achieve results for a healthier you.

It has been proven that you can exercise for hours and still have your body refuse to lose those last stubborn pounds.

Yet movement is necessary for the whole body to do what is necessary for living.

Movement | Source

Top tips


  • organic, clean, natural state,
  • avoid man made or tampered with as much as possible, you know all those chemicals for shelf life
  • hint if it can spoil or go bad or it has to go into the fridge that food is as close to natural as possible, raw or cooked.

Moderate movement

  • this can be anything you wish, as long as you are moving, you can start with any type of movement you wish just aim at intentionally moving for at least 10 minutes.

Consume close too natural as possible! Organic or locally grown.

Balance down time

Reducing stress is also a key factor.

Taking vacations, mini or over a long period is necessary for health. Disengaging from all the technology and spending time connecting with others is important.

Other suggestions

  • Hobby
  • Relaxation
  • De stressing
  • Quiet time and place
  • Meditation
  • Private space
  • Garden / nature
  • Exercise


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There are many other suggestions out there but they typically fall in basically the same categories.

Healthy subs

  1. Sweet potato
  2. chicken / fowl and fish / seafood
  3. spinach, broccoli/ green beans
  4. brown rice
  5. oats
  6. green tea / cinnamon tea
  7. berries

Cooking methods are also very important when it comes to eating healthy and the choices are vast.

A few personal favorite additions, eggs, sprouted bread, avocado, kidney beans and lentils.


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