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Dietary approaches to prevention against breast cancer

Updated on June 15, 2015

Cases of breast cancer have been on the rise in the recent past, despite the wide advance in medical technology and a wide array of cancer research. In North America breast cancer is the secWe are only left to wonder and on what could be the solution to breast cancer.

This article looks at seven dietary approaches to prevent breast cancer. Lets have a look.

(i) Fruits and vegetables

According to research findings women who eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and legumes have lower risk of developing breast cancer.They need to minimize on processed sugars and carbohydrates as these plays a role in the development of eostrogen-receptor based breast cancer. Harvard school of medicine through a publication in the American journal of nutrition proved that women who ate a lot of fruits had a higher level of caretonoids and reduced the risk of developing breast cancers by up to 20%.

(ii) Cutting down on alcohol.

Alcohol is a risk factor in breast cancer. Cutting down on alcohol reduces your chances of developing breast cancer. It is advisable that women at risk of developing breast cancer totally cuts down on alcohol consumption to lower the risk.

(iii) Cabbages

People who eat cabbages at least two times a week lower the risk of developing breast cancer. Cabbages have high levels of glucosinolets which have been linked to protection against breast cancer.


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