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7 Tips to Lose Some Extra Pounds

Updated on December 9, 2015

Losing weight can be really hard because its our nature to want to eat. Eating is an instinct and the throw in so processed foods that gets our bodies addicted to sugar and salt. It's simple to talk about losing weight, and it harder to actually do it. Your body wants to give in to it at all times, the hardest point is the first moments. Eating healthier and shedding that extra weight is much like kicking a bad happen and it should be treated as such. If you tell yourself that, you're definitely on the right track.

Leave Your Wallet At Home

There are so many times that you will go outside and not be hungry one bit, but because you seem something your eyes desire, you will pull our some money and buy whatever it is. Immediately after you eat it, you will wonder "Did I really need that?", because you weren't strong to get through it. Now if you leave your wallet at home, you won't have to test your willpower. At first, it will be hard because our minds rectify and validate any and every, but soon you will get used to it and you'll have extra money to buy clothes, and even to invest into financial security.

Gallons Of Water

Go on amazon, or go to a wholesale retailer and pick up a reusable water container. This is the best way to drink enough water during the day. Try the get one that is at least a gallon. The major point is that you want to get through this entire amount of water during the day. Get it all in before 6 p.m. because after that it's going to be in your system until you go to bed and you know what happens when you've drank too much water and sleep is of the essence. Water gives you the bloated feeling, and makes you feel like you've eaten too much. This is essential in losing weight because you do not want to substitute hunger. When you that you end up overeating and under-hydrated. If there is not a bottle of water next to you at this moment, take yourself to the closest source and fill up. Your body will say thank you.

3-Day Rule

Give your body three days to react to the changes. It can take the body up to even a week to realize that a change in diet will be good for it. At this point it's just mind over matter until your body catches up with you. Compare it to a child hearing an ice cream truck. If a child get ice cream when they hear an ice cream truck, then they always react to that sound. Once you start to wean the child off, at first, they will so associate the sound with the taste and want give in, but as time goes on and they do not get the ice cream, the sound will just be another sound. It all just takes time, hence, the reason for calling it the three-day rule. Give your body time to adjust. It isn't suppose to be easy, but it definitely doable.

Cut Yourself Off

The worst thing you can do to your body is eat late at night. Your body is trying to repair itself and leaving food in their will stop it from getting rid of excess toxins. The best rule you can follow is the six-to-six rule, which is to not eat after 6pm or before 6am. Technically, everyday you would be doing a twelve hour fast, without the hassle of feeling all the hunger pangs. In just a week you will start feeling the difference. This gets your body accustomed to eating your heavier meals in the morning, and lighter meals throughout. It does take time to adapt to, and please do not take a bite after 6 p.m even if it's just a minute after. Give yourself an inch and you will take a mile. If you make a meal and the preparation takes too long, then just put it in the fridge for tomorrow. This will teach you to have restraint and you will be building a stronger metabolism. In the end, it will be all worth it, and your body will love you as much you love it.

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