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7 Tricks to Improve Your Self Confidence

Updated on September 27, 2017

We all struggle to feel self confident in certain situations. You may be anxious to engage in certain social interactions, hold a public speech or a presentation, or maybe you feel to show romantic interest in someone. Low-self confidence can be a nasty thing. It can cause us to miss opportunities in life and hold us back from achieving success. It is an internal problem that other people often can’t see. Even tough self-confidence may take time to develop, there are still some small things you can do to improve it short term at least.

1.Set Smalls Goals for Yourself and Achieve Them

try to set small goals for yourself and focus on accomplishing them. They don’t have to be too difficult, just challenging enough to make you feel competent. The reason this behavior increases your self-confidence is because it transforms your ideas into visible accomplishments that affirm your capability and creativity.

2.Talk to Someone Supportive

Supportive people can make us feel a lot better when we are struggling in life. Sometimes low self-esteem and low self-confidence can be caused by lacking supportive people in our lives and by not asking for help when we need it. Feeling alone and neglected can make us feel pretty unworthy sometimes. Try to talk to someone who is a good listener and understanding of your problems. There is a good chance they will give you a positive encouragement.

3. Remember Not to Take Yourself Too Seriously

That doesn't mean you should totally disregard all social norms and act immature, because that behavior is not appropriate for a lot of situations. Just, don’t expect yourself to be perfect and not do silly things sometimes. We all fail and do stupid things sometimes.

4. Change Your Expectation of Other People

Different people have different ideas about what is acceptable behavior and what should be judged or ridiculed. What is perfectly acceptable and positive for one person may seem stupid and unacceptable for someone else. So don’t expect that everyone will react to your behavior the same way. When it comes to evaluating the reactions you gt from other people it’s important to remember to focus on the big picture and not on negative details. If most people react well to your behavior, chances are there is no reason for you to feel insecure.

5. Act Confident Even When You Are Not

Sometimes our brain can be tricked to make us feel certain way by our own behavior. For example if you voluntarily, intentionally behave in a way that indicates anxiety (fast breathing, nail biting, fidgeting )even if you are not anxious at that moment, you may notice that you will suddenly start feeling real anxiety. It’s the same thing when you purposely try to act confident by displaying a body language that indicates self-confidence.

6. Groom Yourself

Being well-groomed and dressed makes everyone feel more self-confidence. It seems like a shallow and meaningless thing but it truly has an affect in how good you feel about yourself. It also clears away the doubt that people may be judging your appearance and smell.

7. Practice

Perhaps, the most important thing about developing and maintaining good self confidence is practice. People who are since young age surrounded by many people and encouraged to be social display higher levels of self-confidence than people who grew up more sheltered.They also have more social skills and know how to deal with social situation a lot better. Talk to people, engage in social situations even if they make you anxious. With time your social behavior will become automatic and you will naturally feel more self-confident.


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      15 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      These are great tips! I had a previous employer that treated me as if I were a no one. Any time anything happened that went awry, he blamed me rather than looking at his own behavior. It was difficult to be confident in that situation. I finally realized that I wasn't the one with the problem! Once I made that observation, I was able to be confident even when things did not go the way I wanted them to. Eventually, I was able to have the confidence to find other employment, even though my employer felt that I would not.


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