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7 Ways You Can Help Protect Your Vision

Updated on January 5, 2013

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the importance of clear vision. At work, in school, or when out and about the movies, being able to see clearly is better than having to rely on a pair of graded glasses. As early as now, execute proper measures to protect your eyesight so you won't have to resort to Lasik eye surgery in the future.

The seven simple tips below will help you protect your vision:

1. Wear sunglasses that protects your eyes from UV rays produced by the sun.

The sun is the worst and most common source of ultra violet rays and when you expose yourself to too much radiation, the results are often highly threatening. Aside from eye injuries, excessive exposure could lead to cancer. Wearing the right pair of reading glasses should protect your eyesight from radiation damage.

2. Eat fruits and vegetable that are rich in Vitamin A and Omega-3 Fatty acids and other nutrients that are good for the eyes.

As the adage goes, "you are what you eat," when you eat healthily and heartily, you become healthy, as well.

3. Rest your eyes whenever you can.

Resting from time to time actually has its perks. When you have time for a nap, take it and enjoy it. You will be doing yourself and your body a favor when you take time to rest during the stressful hours in the morning.

4. Blink often to lubricate the surface of your eyes or bring eye-drops wherever you go.

Doctors have yet to clearly explain the importance of blinking but it is widely accepted and understood that blinking does lubricate the eyes, thereby cleansing the upper layer of our eyes from impurities which may irritate the eyes and cause itching and redness.

5. Use protective eye gear such as goggles when doing heavy work or when playing sports.

According to experts, the most fatal eye injuries occur at work, followed by playing sports.If you are doing both laborious kind of work, make sure to wear your goggles and other protective gear.

6. Stop scratching or rubbing your eyes.

If you still remember your elders telling you to stop itching or scratching your eyes, they actually had a very good reason. Itching and scratching your eyes far too often may cause eye injuries and redness.

7. Rest and look at far objects from time to time when using your computer.

Radiation produced by computer screens are dangerous themselves and these may cause a plethora of eye injuries the same radiation from the sun would. When using the computer, rest your eyes from time to time by looking at distant objects around you.

These easy-to-do tips can do so much to protect your eyesight. Change your habits today and live a healthier lifestyle.


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    • Saloca profile image

      Saloca 4 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      People don't realise how much we need to look after our eyes, they deteriorate so much with age, and with added pollution in the air, more UV rays getting through and the amount of time we spend staring at digital devices all attribute to poor eyesight as we age!

    • trekking buddha profile image

      Bijaya Ghimire 4 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

      Today i went outside but i realized i forget my glasses when i was in a electric shop. I saw everything blur and could not point to the thing i wanted to buy so came back all the way home. Very good article for me when i am reading it now after the day;s experience